Sunday, April 19, 2009

an ellie post that turned into a rosalie post that turned back into an ellie post.

like i said a few days ago, ellie turned 10 months.
10 months.
i know that i'm getting redundant saying that Ellie is getting big so fast....and that i want her to stop growing.
but it's not that i don't like my baby growing up so much as it is i don't like the thought of ellie not being my baby anymore. i don't know if there is much of a difference, but whatev.

this past weekend, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their first baby into the world. welcome to earth, Rosalie Rae. and congratulations, sean & courtney. we're so happy for you three!

she is such a peaceful little thing...she hardly even cried when she was born! and she's teenie- 6 pounds, 12 ounces, 19 inches long (compared to my 8-niner and 21 incher). i've loved holding her and remembering all the feelings and emotions that come with just having experienced the most amazing, exhausting, exhilarating process of your life. it's made me think of when Ellie was just born...and just how amazing my life has become these last 10 months because of her.

so, what's Ellie like at 10 months, you ask? let's see:

she still puts everything in her mouth- eating dirt and every gross small crumb you can imagine on the floor.
she has 5 teeth.
she loves taking apart taking out all of the towels of the bottom drawer, or destroying the dvd rack, or throwing all of my shirts out of my drawer. for this, we adoringly refer to her as "the destroyer."
she loves walking along things...but still shows little interest in taking steps on her own.
she laughs hysterically at peek-a-boo games. her laugh can brighten any day.
she looovvves ducks. why? i don't know. but she does.
she loves to be outside- on walks, crawling on the grass, swinging on the swings...anything outside is heavenly.
she looovvvees books. especially karen kantz peek-a-boo books. even though she destroys those, too (by ripping all the flaps off).
she still loves baby einstein...and is basically in a trance every time that caterpillar comes on the screen.
she waves, claps, does the sign for "more," and most recently, gives peace signs, taught to her by her uncle Sean.
she is VERY attached to me.
she is saying so many new words: duck, mama, dada, mimi, dog, hi, no
she crawls lightening fast.
she loves eating pasta and pizza and cheese and all sorts of new foods (minus veggies. what's up with that?)
she lets us sing her to sleep now, which is sooooooooooo wonderful. i love it.
she loves being in new places. but mostly loves to explore them. which is tricky in places like the grocery store...
she still HATES the car. ugh.
she loves music. most recently, she loves the itsy bitsy spider, and even imitates the hand movements to it.

anyway, to commemorate my sweet little Ellie, i thought i'd do a little "10 things i hate about you" inspired by one of my favorite movies from high school: 10 things i hate about you:

(drrrruuummmm rolllll)

dear Ellie,

1. i hate how you keep growing. everyone is getting sick and tired of me saying "she keeps getting bigger" and "i don't want her to grow up," so will you stop now, please? you're cute enough already.
2. i hate how you i have to leave you every day...even though i know its with daddy or gammy. i wish i could spend every minute of every day watching you learn new things and experience the world together.
3. i hate how sometimes i have to let you cry yourself to sleep because you won't let me hold you and sing you to sleep. don't you know i want to hold you and love on you all the time?
4. i hate hearing you cry ANYTIME. it still breaks my heart every time.
5. i hate how i have to give you vegetables even though you hate them...and that i can't just give you candy and ice cream all day long.
6. i hate how no matter how hard i try, i think about you all day long- like if you'd like to eat this, or if you'd look cute in that, or what we will do when this happens, or yadda yadda yadda.
7. i hate how every time you do something gross like barf in my hair or poop in the bathtub, it's not as gross as it should be...but rather quite funny and oddly endearing.
8. i hate how you make me work so hard for your giggles and laughs...because they are medicine to my soul.
9. i hate you how sometimes you bonk your head real hard and get real big bruises because i wasn't right there to catch you when you fall.
10. but mostly i want you to know, i don't hate you or anything about you. not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

your mama

she's a cutie, isn't she??


Linda said...

Cute, Oh so cute you are Mamma Marci. And Ellie is growing up so fast. I am glad that you recognize that so you can savor every little moment. Pretty soon, she will be off to college... I mean it! It's true! Rosalie's arrival was fabulous. Dad and MIMI got to hold her a lot and MIMI even consoled her when she was crying. They looked so tired.... Silvia came over, and we shared a nice hour! Better get to bed. Big day tomorrow! Say a little prayer for me? I love you and wish you were here.

Adrienne said...


Reena Bostock said...

Congrats to Sean and Britney! I love the name Rosalie, it's a happy sounding name. I love that! Your right our children do tend to grow so fast. My baby girl is no longer my baby she is 7 and the time went by way to fast. I think that is why I treat my 2 year old like a baby because I don't want him to get older.

Megs said...

What a sweet post!

Ashley Myntti said...

I never get over how cute she is! Every time I see a new picture, I think she is even cuter than she was before!

Jeff and Whitney said...

That was such a sweet post little Mom. Motherhood is nuts isnt it? Im not even a mom quite yet and its amazing how much this little girl has changed everything. It scares me how fast she is going to grow! Just like your little Ellie has done. What a beautiful little girl.