Monday, March 23, 2009

singin' in the rain

my very favorite movie of all time is singin' in the rain.
i love gene kelly's grace and charm.
i love debbie reynold's originality and simple beauty.
i love donald o'connor's wit and natural talent.

on this rainy morning, i'm thinking about how gene kelly turned that rainy dreary night into one of the most memorable hollywood that can put a smile on my face at any given dreary moment.

i love finding metaphors in stuff like that (i attribute it to the many English classes and Spanish Literacy classes i've taken through the years). for example, we can all create what we want out of a storm. a storm can destroy us with its ferocity and gloomyness. OR we can take a storm and create a lovely, memorable moment out of it- and instead of being something we want to forget, it can turn into something we'll always remember...and want to replay over and over again.

it's so easy for me to just wish these storms away...because i so desperately want the sunshine. it has boosted our spirits, inspired new creativity, and given us new things to be curious about.

but i know that without the rain, it would be just another sunny day. and maybe i wouldn't appreciate it so much. and maybe, just maybe, i'd wish for a rainy day to sing about. because rainy days inspire creativity, change our spirits, and give us even more to learn from and be curious about.

so, a tribute to singin' in the rain today.

my friend marci posted this on her blog a few months ago...
for an extra special treat, watch usher's and gene kelly's renditions at the same time (usher's starts a little later, as he has an intro). LOVE IT.

i don't know about you...but i'm going to go get on a pair of galoshes, a raincoat, an umbrella (solely for prop purposes) and have a rain party. you're invited.



Kate said...


Your blog is cute but your baby is cuter. I love you and I'm glad I checked in on your life today. You always make me happy. So, would you say that Don Lockwood's lucky day is today or tomorrow? I don't know...but you are still a "shimmering, glowing, star in the cinema firmament." I remember watching that with you in the dorm. I bet we are the best quoters of that movie EVER. I mean, who else celebrates Don's Day but us? Either way, I wish it was raining instead of snowing right now.

Love you!

Ashley said...

Pretty sure my crush on Usher just got a lot stronger. yikes. Don't tell BLair.

Heather said...

Your post just made my day and reminded me of my new favorite saying that is on my wall in vinyl so I can read it every day - "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Linda said...

I have soooo many memories of you.... and I watching Singing in the Rain! I have tears in my eyes thinking about that! Wonderful times! Thank You for reminding me!