Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we discovered bubble baths.

what do you think of when you think of bubble baths?

Ellie thinks: "ooooo, squishy"

"oooo, tastey..."


"oooo....never had so much fun."

and i've never had so much fun either. ever.

p.s. click here for some other cute ellie pictures/updates. since she's the only thing i take pictures of these days. but seriously, can you blame me??


Linda said...

Next time you come over we have to put her in the big tub with bubbles. Have you found a brand that is safest and that you like?
Love these pictures. I will see you tomorrow!

Kristin said...

No I can't blame you. She is AD-OR-ABLE! She is also sooo pretty. She is really going to be heart breaker.

Candace said...

I love her! I sort of think I need one, but then I get all stressed and think I don't. Sometime.

We live in a basement of a family's home. Every Sunday morning their little boy who takes a bath. We can hear him just singing away and laughing. I love it!

Ashley and Aaron said...

These pictures are so cute! I only gave Finn a bubble bath once...and he got a rash...the end. Do you use a gentle baby brand? Let me know because I think Finn would love it...he LOVES bubbles.

Lynne said...

Oh, soooooo adorable. I just want to squeeze her.

Jill said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are your family are just too dang cute!! For sure you can keep in touch with my blog, I love making new blogging friends. Too bad I'm not still in Utah and we could be real life friends :)
You look familiar too...maybe it's just a Utah thing. you actually know Denae, or just read her blog? She's a great person.
I want to go check out more of your blog now, oh and I skimmed through real quick and read the part where a boy asked you to dance and I am dying laughing!!!! That is so hilarious. You do look too young and cute, could you blame the poor boy! Ha. Funny thing happened to me kind of similar was at youth conference last summer with 2 of my youth who showed up late so I got out of class to show them where to go (it was a mini EFY) and a leader totally yelled at us and told us to get to class! I was so shocked I didn't even say anything like "I'm a leader!!!" we just laughed our heads off and I took it as a compliment. LOL!
Talk to you later!!

Jill said...

Hi, it's me again...I just saw on your list of friends you have Jylaire and Matt. How do you know them too? Jylaire is one of my favorite friends ever. We went to HS together. I love her! Small world.

anne said...

Those look like some recent pics at the Vernon house. Kids just love bubble baths! :)

Reena Bostock said...

She has got to be the happiest baby ever. She is just so stinkin cute. I'm glad I can see her grow up through your blog. One day I'll meet your sweetheart in person. Take care. Love the Bostocks in the East.