Tuesday, March 24, 2009

live mighty

i need lots of those.
because, if you know me at all, even by just reading my blog, you know that i tend to be a stressed-out individual.
i don't know why i'm that way.
but i do know, i've been that way ever since i can remember.

in fact, i remember as a toddler, being so stressed out by my dad eating my cotton candy that i couldn't stop crying about it and screaming about it. i was not the sharing type. cold-showers often did the de-stressing trick then.

then, i remember as a high schooler getting so stressed out about tests and papers and piano practice and girls gossiping and boys thinking that other girl was cuter than me and not being skinny enough and i'm getting stressed just thinking about all that nonsense.... but i remember locking myself in my room, pulling out dozens of magazines, and cutting out all the pictures of who i wanted to be and my favorite hair-styles and outfits...and i'd daydream into the wee-hours of the night. that did the des-tressing trick then.

now i'm me. an older version of me, that is. and bigger things stress me out. i mean, i at least think they're bigger. they feel bigger. and i find myself still needing de-stressers.

some destressers of mine include:
  • exercise (gotta love those endorphins)
  • a long talk...often with my mom...but also with M or a friend
  • reading a good book
  • eating something delicious. like frozen yogurt. mmm.
  • clenching my jaw down really hard (creepy, i know. i feel sorta vampire-ish when i do it. but it helps)
  • blogging/writing
  • screaming really really loud while going through a car-wash
  • cleaning something
  • picking up lil E and hugging her extra hard...even if she pushes me away.
  • if hugging her didn't work, just looking at E or singing to E would often do the trick as well
  • a nice long drive
  • using my grandpa's favorite phrase: breathe in, breathe out. breathe in, breathe out.
  • and of course, being spiritual...reading scriptures, etc.
on my way to school today, i practiced one of my all-time-favorite destressers: blasting the stereo in lil ol swan (yes, the swan lives on). the louder, the better. something i can sing to is preferable. today's pick: jason mraz. M & i love mr. AZ. one of the songs on his latest CD has stuck with me all day- the chorus says these words:

live high
live mighty

live righteously

takin' it easy

i felt so much less stressed after hearing that.
because, i feel like most of us give life our best (living high).
i feel like most of us leave the world a better place (living mighty).
and i feel like most of us are doing good and fighting against the bad (living righteously).
so, dudes, we can take it easy. (be less stressed).

so, in stressed out moments, i can tell myself: breathe in, breathe out. breathe in, breathe out.
take it easy.

will it always work?
probably not.
but today it did.


what destresses you?


Linda said...

What De-stresses me?:)
1. PRAYER~ it always works! The thing is to get there when I don't feel like it, because I am too stresed out!
2. Music!
3. Exercise
4. Cleaning ( I know.... weird)
5. Doing things that I choose to do.... and not the ones I HAVE to do!
6. Reading your BLOG.
I love you for many reasons.... but one of them, for your sincerity.

Clay and Jenna said...

Love your list! Mine is a lot of the same...reading {in general..scriptures or book} screaming in a car wash is my favorite...cleaning, organizing, hugging JJ....definitely blogging or blog stalking...

bartonbeat said...

when i'm stressed or need a minute to myself, i send wade to aaron and tell him i'll be in the bathroom... little does aaron know the "bathroom" is code word for sitting in the tub, reading a book.

i also have little cubes of dark chocolate stashed in my purse, and when i'm having one of those moments-i pop a piece in my mouth and voile, instant gratification!

my favorite way to de-stress is rocking wade in the chair and singing songs. it calms everyone!

LOVED seeing you guys last weekend! it is such a special treat. (i forgot to give you the baby food so i'll be bringing it when i see you in a few weeks.) give hugs to ellie for me, she is a doll.

The Fredy Family said...

The best way for me to de-stress is to lay down and think of nothing but breathing in and breathing out. If my mind wanders then once I realize that I have stopped thinking about breathing I go right back to breathe in breathe out. Works every time. It also seems to act as a power nap as well!

jenna marie said...

prayer. and a HOT bath. i mean the kind that stings your skin.

Ryan Rose said...
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Ryan Rose said...

Sorry, commented on the wrong post last time!

I like to think about things that make me grateful, eat chocolate or just let out a monster ujjayi breath -


It's a habit I picked up while working at a yoga studio, and while it seems totally normal while in said yoga studio, I now do it without realizing it in real life situations, and it makes people ask, "uh, are you okay?" Because it makes you sound like Thomas the Train. Chuff chuff chuff!

Lea Tame said...

I don't know what helps because you know I'm as just as intense as you! Good thing we married calm men to help us calm down!

Lacey Jay said...

YoGa!! It saved me going through 4 yrs of infertility:) It best wonders!

Lacey Jay said...

YoGa!! It saved me going through 4 yrs of infertility:) It does wonders!

Amy said...

I clench my jaw sometimes too- clench teeth, close eyes, shake head... maybe I think it's all going to vanish! I think I would do well to get a boxing bag in my garage or something, I've never been a real physical person but when I'm stressed and I go for a run it helps and I bet that extra something to push the stress out of my body would help. My number one stress reliever is hugging Jeff- he tells me to squeeze it into him.