Sunday, February 8, 2009

jumbled jots and random thoughts

for some reason, i feel some sort of obligation to always make my blog posts have some sort of theme or subject matter. today, i have several random thoughts and jumbled jots i want to smear all over this blog, so i'm throwing that obligation out the window.

thought #1
i'd like to introduce you to our new CAR.

yes, this is OUR new car.
a 2007 mazda 6.
i like to just look at him.
so beautiful.
is it really ours?

newest dilemma: what should we name him? you see, in my family, we have the habit of naming our cars. the '91 ford explorer i drove in high school was affectionately called "dora" (get it, dora the dum, ching), our '01 scratched up white corolla is lovingly named "swan" (even though it is quickly resembling more of an ugly duckling) now, we need a name for lil blackie. any ideas?

thought #2
i'm running a half-marathon. i'm not telling you this to receive praise or anything weird like that. it's something i've always wanted to do...and i'm telling you for accountability reasons. heaven knows i need something monumental to whip me into shape...and on May 2nd, i sure as heck better be in shape, because i'll be running 13.1 miles in Hurricane, Utah. a friendly, "how's the running going, marci?" every so often would be much appreciated. (p.s. thank you KIM for inspiring me! can't wait to see you there in May).

thought #3
ellie woke up from a nap yesterday looking like this:

it was hilarious. hand print on the face...and check out that hair. holy smokes! i have no clue what to do with it. she obviously needs a hair cut...but i don't know how to cut hair...and i don't know who to take her to. advice??
thought #4
my cute hubby M recently started a blog. you see, he gets to spend all afternoon with little El while i am in kindergarten land. so, he started a blog to document being a stay-at-home dad. it's really cute and fun to read about parenting from dad's perspective- the link is check it out.

thought #5
i am currently addicted to bread. and not just any bread. it's rosemary olive bread from costco. ever had it? i just had a slice. ohhhhhh. it is to DIE for. try it. eat it. love it.

thought #6
i'm watching madagascar 2 for the first time right now and laughing my head off. hilarious! i love moto moto and the communist monkeys. holy canoli, i'm lovin it.

thought #7
my newest favorite Ellie thing is that she's giving kisses. yes, they are slobbery and a little make-shift- but they're oh-so-sweet.

thought #8
Valentine's day is on Saturday. what do YOU get your hubby's for Valentine's day?? any wonderful tips for me?

thought #9
i never really believed people when they told me that "it just gets better and better and more fun" when it comes to babies. but it really is true. i mean i'm freaking out as i type because she is so cute. i can't handle it.


{that lil message was from E}

and those are all my random thoughts for the day.
i like embracing the randomness.



Adrienne said...

love the dad blog idea.

Linda said...

Thought 1~ Blackbird It could have it's own song ( Beatles) and you'd be keeping your names in the Bird Family.
Thought2~Ellie and I will be there! at the finish line. Isn't Mike running it too?
Thought3~ Linds. She would be honored!
Thought4~ Mike is a dreamy daddy. Great idea.
Thought5~Anything with Rosemary is divine! Rosemary in Spanish~ ROMERO. Thought you might want to know.
Thought6~Ellie kisses are addicting. I look forward to Fridays.
Thought7~I will pass on the Valentine's Gift Suggestion.
Thought8~ Amen!
Great blog. I can tell you are de-compressing! Yeah!!! Love,

Kimberly said...

Marce! I am so excited that you are running the 1/2 marathon! It will be so fun! Woo Hoo!!

Lynne said...

I like the random thoughts. Themes make my head hurt because I can't think of ideas that way. I am amazed that you are running the half marathon. Way to go. The car is beautiful. I'll bet mike has some ideas about a name. See you guys soon.

Sara said...

Have I ever told my you're my hero! My goodness - a half marathon!!!!!! That is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Marce! I so wish I was motivated enough to do that. Ellie is as cute as ever. Wow wow wow! My brother has a colicky baby and I just keep telling him that it'll pass and then he'll love the happy baby that results. They have to do the bounce on the exercise ball thing as well. So I go back to work in a week. How do I feel about that? Yuck, yuck yuck! I have absolutely NO idea how to be an awesome mother and wife while being a full-time first year teacher. It will probably result in no sleep and an over-stressed me. I totally put off finding childcare for the Tannerman until last week because I was in denial - am I seriously putting my child in daycare after I told myself I never would do that after providing care for other children??!! And then Eli leaves me for the month of May to live in Baltimore for an internship until I can meet him when the school year is over. Anyways, enough of my ranting. Come what may, right? We do what we have to do to get these husbands through school and into a career! I want to see you and your two loves soon!

Kris said...

I love the pic of Ellie waking up from her nap! I've heard good things about Cookie Cutters (a hair cutting place especially for kiddos). And way to go on the running! Are you still going to 24hr?

anne said...

Way to go on even aspiring to run a 1/2 marathon. That is something I have absolutely NO desire to ever do. But, I live by Hurricane and would LOVE to see you! My email is, so email me and I'll send you my number. I understand you'll be busy I won't be too offended if you don't call. :)

Amy said...

Woo Hoo for a new car- that's so exciting and fun! Looks super nice!

I love Ellie's after nap picture, she's so cute. I can't believe how much she looks like you!

Way to go you for wanting to run a 1/2 marathon- that's awesome! Good luck!

Mike is such a good daddy- that's so fun he started his own blog!

And if you get any good VDay ideas post them here so we can all be inspired! :)

Love you!

Blush said...

I heart your blog it always makes me smile! and love your hot new car

bartonbeat said...

when i had the black accord, i named him denzel (after denzel washington)... aaron prefered knight rider. i'm sure you'll pick a cool name though. congratulations on the new purchase!

about valentine's day presents, since aaron's birthday was yesterday (THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your message, you guys are so sweet), i bought him some presents--and now have none for v-day.

anyway i bought him... ties from tjmaxx & ross (super cheap) but the good ones go fast. also, i ordered aaron a scrantonicity t-shirt from and he really liked that, they had some funny shirts. also, i got some pictures of aaron & wade framed, which was more personal. those might give you some ideas.

hope to talk to you soon. miss you guys!

Reena Bostock said...

I checked out Mike's blog and it was great. I loved it! You two are lucky to have him in your lives. (I don't have to tell you that though) I'm so excited for you to run 13.1 miles. Your going to do so great. I will cheer for you from the East Coast!!! GO MARCI!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!

carrie said...

I love all your random thoughts! I'm glad you got a new car....I was feeling very sad for you with no window driving in the freezing cold! I love all the pics. to. Ellie is so cute! I want you to know that I won't be encouraging you in your running a marathon b/c I could never do it and will be to jealous if you do:)

Megs said...

Hey Marce, how's the running coming? :)
Love the random post - it was the best. Your daughter is so adorable - watching her grow up has been fun.

Dallin, Savannah, and London said...

yay for february! happy for your new car, inspired by your half marathon commitment, love Ellie's hair, love your blog. ps also, my husband loves the dad blog.

Ashley and Aaron said...

That is a really cool car! Aaron and I almost got a Mazda 6 before deciding on our '07 Corolla LE...but the Mazda is definitely suhweet. I think you should name him Slade...if it's a boy, cuz he's pretty tough/tuff looking. If it's a girl...Ebony...duh.

ed and kelli said...

marci.. oh how i love your blog... no matter what you write, it makes me smile... i love love love ellie's hair from her nap.. that is classic. and props to you for running, that is awesome.. you will do great, and just think of ellie at the finish and you can get through it.. also, we name our cars too... we have a white ford ranger truck, reminds us of our mexicans neighbors so he is carlos...then we have a black 4-runner we named kip.. and the navigational system we use in it is lafonda.. haha oh we are nerds.. but i will try to think of names..