Friday, February 6, 2009

i wish everyone had a mom like mine.

anyone who knows my mom would agree that there is no one in the world like her. i often ask myself, "how did i get so lucky to have her in my life...let alone as my MOM?" in fact, i asked her that question today. of course, she just laughed and said something like "how did i get so lucky to get YOU?" and made me feel good inside.

we've been so blessed this semester to have my mom come to Provo every Friday to help watch Ellie, since M's classes go a little later that day- and since i am off in kindergarten-land. yes, she treks the 1-hour drive here, and the 1-hour drive home every Friday- just to help us out- because she loves us that much- she loves Ellie that much- and she's just that nice. how i look forward to Fridays- i love getting an excuse to see my mom every week.

today was an extra-special mom visit. as you all know, i've been a stress-filled basket case the last couple of weeks. my plate is a little too full, i think. not that everyone's plates aren't full. because i think everyone is busy. i just don't handle full-plate busy as well as others do. and so, of course my mom knew how whacko i've been. i tell her everything. and to help boost my spirits, celebrate the arrival of February (and the farewell of January), and celebrate the end to this gruesome week, she did the following:

cleaned my apartment
did all of our overflowing laundry (which heaven knows i've been neglecting- who does laundry when they're stressed?? not me)
cooked us a fabulous dinner (can you say Cuban deliciousness???)
set the table for me and M (i forgot what THAT looked like)
made two lovely flower arrangements for our bleak-winter apartment (i LOVE flowers)
ALL while keeping my SICK baby El happy, occupied, and most importantly, smothered in hugs, loves, and kisses.

my heart is huge with love for my m-o-m this moment.
everyone needs mom-love like this every once and a while.

so, MOM, thank you times a million for being you. i'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. love you to the highest mountain- with strawberries, blue skies, raindrops on roses, instant-healthy pills, lots of Ellie cuddles and kisses, and guilt-free cheesecake. mmm. te quiero muchiiiiiisimo!


Linda said...

My Reply:
" Perhaps I had a wicked childhood,
perhaps I had a miserable youth,
but somewhere in my wicked miserable past, I must have done something good,
For here you are. standing there loving me, weather or not you should, so somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good" From the Sound of Music
" My cup runneth over"
Besos to the Highest,

Celeste said...

I absolutely love your mother! She is the kindest, warmest most welcoming woman!

Clay and Jenna said...

Moms really are wonderful. And you really do have a wonderful mom!! She is so genuine and nice and I always felt welcome in her home:)

Amy said...

That is so sweet- mom's are the greatest, they always know just what to do and somehow manage to be doing 20 things at once and still do them right. I'm like you- I don't do well with a full plate! And I'm grateful to have had the privelege of your amazing mom in my life, thank goodness!

hope you have a relaxing weekend and have some fun! love you.

Rozalyn said...

I love your mom she is the greatest! Thanks for the comment! we are really excited and can't wait about having a little boy. I am feeling a lot better. the first trimester was definitley hard of coarse but I am feelin good now. Everything looks like it is going great for you! Keep in touch!

Lea Billings said...

I've never met your mom but I know you and you are just fabulous... so your mom must be as well!

Ju and Brack said...

What a great mom! It is so nice when you can just turn to your mom for the help you need. There are a lot of times that only Mom knows what it is that you need and you need her! I love your mom to pieces. She is so very very special and wonderful. You are very luck!

Hilary said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom! You have such a wonderful mom. Reading this makes me miss my mom even more! Love ya.