Saturday, October 18, 2008

for good.

wishing i was here:

seeing this:

with these fabulous people.

four years ago, (has it really been that long??) i lived in southern connecticut...just 45 minutes north of the big apple. i became a broadway addict, seeing 11 shows in a short 4 months. the very last show i saw...just three days before i left the east coast... was wicked.

one word to describe the experience:


double wow.

triple hop-scotch wow.

while every show had its marvelous moments (lion king = costumes, 42nd street = dancing, beauty & the beast = the sets, etc), wicked was incredible in every single way. the music. the dancing. the costumes. the sets. the story-line. idina menzel's voice was breath-taking. kristin chenoweth was adorably annoying.

yes, i saw the original cast.
yes, it was amazing.
yes, i am bragging a bit.

after seeing the show, i certainly was changed for good.

so, tonight i will be wallowing in jealousy...thinking of my lovely loved ones being entertained to the maximum degree by the wizard of oz' greatest parallel musical.


p.s. i've caught word that wicked is coming to utah? true?? if any one knows details, i'm all ears. also, i've heard that it travels to san fran now and again...anyone know details about that (where, price, etc?)? i'm determined to see it again before i die...or before it dies (whichever comes first).


jaci said...

it is coming to SLC in March 2009. My sister in law breck is going. But..i've heard it is all sold out already. I know...i would SO be there. bummer.

i think it goes to Denver, too, and possibly san fran....i am determined to see it again before I die, too. can we do together?

erin said...

yes, tickets are on sale now coming this Spring! I saw it in L.A. it was ridiculous!!!

Marci & Daniel said...

or come stay with us in nyc. anytime. seriously.

Joni and Rico Adams said...

I saw Wicked on Wednesday night on Broadway. We are in NY for fall break. Loved it. First Time. I am an instant fan. :)

Richardson said...

I want to see wicked so bad. My parents saw it and loved it. I've seen the traveling broadway versions of Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. They were amazing!

Ashley said...

Diddo. We saw Wicked in New York this summer and I can't even describe how much I loved it. We sing "Populer...lar" around our house all the time!

Aaron & Ashley said...

I want to see this show! I started to read the book a while back and stopped a few chapters in...what a dissapointment! But I heard the show is nothing like the book and absolutely amazing. Also...I can't believe you're leaving! It makes me so sad that I didn't take advantage of the time you lived here to hang out more. San Fran will be so amazing though...I have friends that just moved from there and were so sad to go. Congratulations on growing up and moving on!

David & Staci said...

I know my old roommate went a couple of years ago to it in San Fran- it definitely makes it there more frequently than Utah...:)

Mark said...

Marci - It begins in SF in January and is openened as to how long it will be there. The LA cast is moving north so it should still be there when you guys get there. Sorry you had to miss it. If you ever get out to Boston I am sure Carrie would love to go down to NYC and see it with you!

Linda said...

We thought of you the whole time and wished every minute that you were there... we'll have to make MYC our next girl's get- away... Lynne, Carrie, and all who would like to come... we'll let you know.
" Start spreading the news!"