Tuesday, April 15, 2008

hey brother

"better late than never" has rapidly become one of my favorite phrases. i just wanted to give a shout out to my brother Sean who just turned 24 this weekend! Sean is one of those people who are one of a kind...irreplaceable. all of my favorite childhood memories have my big brother sean in them. i remember growing up and following him everywhere he went. i remember driving to school together in the snow and getting in many fender benders. i remember him getting mad at me for taking so long getting ready in the bathroom. i remember him coming to my room many mornings before school started to make sure he looked ok...and if not, to pick out a winner outfit. i remember him making me play catch with him...even when he would pitch really really hard and fast and hurt my hand. i remember him defending me to my parents every time i got in trouble...from the time i was a little toddler. he still is my protector. happy birthday brother; i'm so glad you were born! hope you had a wonderful birthday.


Brooke said...

such a good sister! and happy birthday sean!

Erika said...

I remember working with him at Frosted Rock, great fun!