Tuesday, April 15, 2008

spring break has begun.

well, my initial goal was to blog every day of spring break (because i'd have all this free time). well, it hasn't worked out that way, though i now pledge myself to blog the rest of the days. that's right, for once, you will not get ONE post a week...but rather, a POST A DAY. (yikes, do you want to hear from me that much?)

first thing: to start of spring break, i got myself some new lovely deodorant. i knew i'd be going a million miles an hour, so i'd be needing the ultimate anti-antiperspirant out there. i prefer MITCHUM because it really knows how to do the trick. well, my favorite Mitchum Scent is Shower Fresh.
it's so nice, it really smells like you just got out of the shower (or it may just be the fact that i put it on right after i get out of the shower....hmmm). well in my hastiness at the store this weekend, i neglected to by Shower Fresh, but rather Flower Fresh.
Let me tell you a little something about Flower Fresh: it wreaks. no joke. i hate it. it smells like this body wash i got once that i wanted to vomit everytime i soaped myself up. as you may know, Mitchum is not the cheap stuff...so now i'm in this dilemma: do i continue to use this horrible scented deodorant, whose sole purpose is to make me smell better? or do i fork out the 5 bucks for a my Shower Fresh smell that I deeply miss? i just don't know...


Amy said...

That really stinks! (haha no pun intended...) Where'd you buy it? I would just take it back if I were you. Most places don't give you any hassle... Target is sometimes poopy about their return policy but I've taken make-up back that I didn't like, no questions asked. I'd definitely give it a try or give in and buy the one you like... nothing worse than walking around thinking "ew, what's that smell" and then realizing it's you! Even though you say it's stinky I'm sure it's not that bad on you- and even if it is, at least you're cute enough to cover it up!

Brooke said...

are you serious! hahahahahahahahahahaha you blog about funny stuff! I love you...dont hate me but I hardly ever have to wear that stuff. I dont sweat stinky much. I will for the gym or if Im outside all day hang out but..yeah dont be to jealous :) again...hahahaha

Tiffany Johnson said...

Pizza Party at our house!!! FOR SURE! We totally should get together, go do the shopping for the stuff we need together, then make pizza with our husbands! When is a good time for you guys??? I know MIke is super busy right now with finals, but you let me know when it would be a good time and let's do it!!!!!!!!!!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Hey Marce! I am totally a Mitchum girl too! Sorry about the shower/flower mix up!

Good news though- due to your diligence- I finally posted the proposal story! Yay!

Hopefully life will be less crazy soon. We want to see you guys!

Also, your page is so cute! Teach me how to put a cute picture like that on the top of the page! So cute!


Lea Billings said...

I'm impressed with the Mithum so far!