Tuesday, January 8, 2008

dear 2007,

i already miss you. i get a little teary eyed thinking of all that we did together. we finished the longest stretch of education of my life--a long 17 years. we said good-bye to the library, the RB stairwell, the books, the testing center (and the tests), the long hours of studying, the papers, the carpel tunnel...we said good-bye to 800 North...and the wilkinson center. we said goodbye to quizzes (and missed quizzes due to tardies). we said goodbye to the slim lunch choices...we said goodbye to buildings filled with memories of lectures and sleeping. we said goodbye to acquaintances, friends and inspirations.

we watched many movies...and fell asleep to many movies together.

we ventured to mexico together-thanks to M's parents -- and had our stomachs lit on fire! and by fire i mean a mix of rocking boat and food poisoning. oh the good times. it was a memory we'll never forget.

we watched a lot of television- from following the American Idol journey... (and being slightly disappointed with Jordin's victory and Blake's defeat) to being awkwardly endeared by characters such as Michael, Dwight, Pam and Jim on the Office...to being somewhat disappointed by the anti-climactic ending to 24. you filled my evenings with anticipation, laughter, suspense and awe!

we made many new friends- especially within our little ward. you helped me get to know people...even though it's become harder for me as i've gotten older. we also kept many old friendships. i love thinking of the game-nights, the date-nights, the summer barbecues, the friends who had new babies, the phone-calls and the ever-important dance parties. you helped me see that life is truly about relationships.

we celebrated me and M's 2nd wedding anniversary! 2 years made us feel like pro's. you helped me remember how lucky i am to have found the love of my life so young in my life.

we entered the world of Wii together. you helped me see how frustrating tennis can be, even digitally. yet you saw me get better and better with diligent practice (even though M always wins, no matter what). you also saw me become the champion Wii bowler...with the sore shoulder and all.

we enjoyed seeing M own his first business this summer- i loved seeing his flip-flop tan line...and his happy face full of accomplishment each evening as he came home from work.

we survived girl's camp together...and it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, even though we forgot bowls...and pots and pans... we stayed up late, we cried, we laughed, we made new friends, and strengthened young acquaintances.

we left the world of being paid "HOURLY" and entered the world of "SALARY." this was a big one for us! one that finally made us feel a little more "grown up."

with this new salary, we entered the real world together... i had no idea that the "real world" could include "story time," "snack time" and "finger rhymes." but you've taught me how to love kindergarten for a 2nd time! we made new 5-year-old friends together...and laughed during many silly moments.

we cried together as M and i discovered the little miracle in my tummy...and we survived the first months of pregnancy! we puked together, we slept many long hours, we ate the most random and ridiculous of food combinations (including, but not limited to, fried zucchini, all on its own, for dinner...i disgust myself just thinking about it). and we finally woke up one day and felt energized and full of appetite (minus the meat...i'm a pregnant vegetarian, apparently)! the most exciting part of this adventure we shared together was learning that "it" was no longer an "it" but rather a baby GIRL! i'll never forget how happy M and i felt in that moment when we learned that dresses, tights, and dolls would adorn our home for years to come.

we enjoyed a memorable holiday season together! filled with lots of the cheesecake factory (meaning tons of delicious CHEESECAKE), warm hugs, decadent desserts, guitar hero 3 (wii style), lots of baby supplies (meaning outfits, diaper bags, and pregnancy survival goods), laughs, resting, singing, decorating and most importantly FAMILY.

and then, just as quickly as you came, you were gone. so i just wanted to thank you-

thank you for giving me so many memories- for making me so happy- and for making some of my greatest dreams come true. i'll always remember you, 2007.




Mike said...

2007 really was a fantastic year. I loved your recap here on your blog. Thanks for a wonderful year! I have a feeling 2008 is going to be even better. :)

jaci said...

marce, you are so YOU! I loved this entry. Sounds like a great year -- I loved how you put it. I wish I could hang out with you guys because it sounds like you are still the blast you have always been (and i'm sure our husbands could get along great!) I miss ya -- so grateful for BLOGS!

ClaysJenna said...

What en eventful 2007! I still cant believe its over. I think my head doesn't want it to be over cuz it will never let me remember to write 2008 on anything:) I'm excited for you this year with your new little baby!!! How exciting!!!

Anne said...

O Marc. You are just a wonderful you. Loved the recap and hope 2008 brings lots more joys.

Tiffany Johnson said...

You are so freaking adorable. And so clever. I can never think of anything captivating to write on my blog and here you are.. catching my attention like never before! :-) You are adorable. I loved the recap! I'm glad you had such a great year and this one will be even better with your new bundle of pink and purple coming along! :-)

ed and kelli said...

marci.. i love your entries.. you are the greatest!!! how's baby chappy doing?? are you delivering at UVRMC??

Andrew & Jenna said...

you said it best. life is just simply mean sometimes. thanks for the support & your sweet, witty posts....i love them!

melissa said...

what an amazingly beautiful post! i love it!