Saturday, December 29, 2007

my movie column.

one thing i love about coming to the nor cal is that we always see lots of movies. M and i love to see movies, but usually ones that have made it to the dollar theatre....which means they have probably been out for a while. but not when we visit the parentals! we get to see them all- new, semi-new...action-packed, romantic comedies and children's flicks.

my opinions on the movies we've seen:

we saw Enchanted- which i absolutely ADORED. my favorite of the bunch. holy cow, could Giselle be any cuter?? i think not! i want to be her... i don't remember wanting to be a disney princess since i was 6. my baby girl loved it, too. she kicked and squirmed through the entire thing! this is definitely one i will buy the day it comes

we also saw the new National Treasure. i felt very entertained throughout the movie- though it wasn't necessarily as thought-provoking as the first. i would recommend seeing it.

today we saw P.S. I love you. seeing this movie inspired me to write this blog. i am still so sad after watching it! i'm not sure if it was just the pregnancy hormones, or my real ones, but i cried through the whole dang thing. i mean, it really gets you thinking about your got me thinking about mine... i love M so much- i can't picture my life without him. it literally breaks my heart. it makes me want to hug him and never let go. has anyone seen it? am i crazy for feeling this way? my advice: if you plan on seeing this show, bring a box of tissues...and prepare to be sad. in fact, i'm planning on turning on Emperor's New Groove to provide some much needed cheer and laughter.


Leah said...

You are so funny. I'm glad for the heads up about P.S. I Love You. I won't go see it. I hate sad movies. And scary ones.

But I loved Enchanted. Let's have a princess party when it comes out on video.

ClaysJenna said...

I LOVE seeing movies as well!! However I am sad to say that each movie listed is on my TO SEE list :( But I am glad you liked them. I will definitely keep them all on my list, and hopefully I get to see them soon:)!!

Jennefer said...

word of advice--get as much theater going in as you can now, before baby girl comes along, aaron and i are missing movie nights!

Tiffany Johnson said...

I LOVE MOVIES... but having a child has changed ALL ideas I have of going to see them. It just doesn't work like it use to. Enjoy it while you can. I've heard that about P.S. I love you... AND i've heard that Enchanted was great! I can't wait to see it! I second Leah on the princess party!

JoSue said...

Don't you feel so priveleged to be going to the 'real' theater and not the dollar theater? However, I think deep down inside we will all miss the dollar theater once we leave. :) By the way, congrats on the baby girl!! So exciting!

Marce said...

when enchanted comes out on dvd, i will plan a princess party for all of us "princesses at heart." can't wait!

erin said...

Marci - first of all, HI! And congrats on the up and coming baby girl! That is so exciting. Second, I saw P.S. I Love You and adored it. Don't worry, I cried through the whole thing too. Third, can't wait to check out your blog and see how your cute family is doing. Say hi to Chappy for me.