Saturday, November 3, 2007

hats off to fall.

so right now, it's 9:30 am... following suit to fashionable fall traditions, Mike left bright and early for a football game this morning...and I'm still laying lazily in bed. I wanted to write because looking out my window is the most beautiful tree dressed in yellow, orange and red leaves. i love the fall. i secretly always wanted a fall wedding...i just love the smells- fresh, clean, crisp caramel...sweet apples...carved pumpkins...homemade bread...warm hot chocolate... i love the sounds- school buses...children running to school as to not be late...birds getting their last flights out before winter...leaves falling to the ground...crumpled leaves under feet. i love the beauty of the fall- the colors that dance around the mountain tops...the sunsets that come a little earlier everyday...the sunrises that come a little later every day...the fireplaces get turned back on and i can snuggle up with a book and a blanket. nothing beats the fall.

i have always dreamt of going back east during the fall. i lived there one summer, and my breath was constantly taken away by the incredible view of trees- trees were everywhere...left, right, up or down...all you can see are maples and whatever other kinds of trees there are. i've often wondered how magical it would be to go in the fall...and see the red, orange, yellow and brown painted across the sky and he ground. it's probably breathtaking and overwhelming. some day...

This is in Kennebunkport, Maine

so, this morning, i'm quite content, snuggled up in my cozy comforter, gazing out my window at my elegantly dressed tree. hats off to fall.

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Alicia said...


Love the blog. And I love fall! There's just something in the air. Cache Valley fall is ridiculously gorgeous! I've always wanted a New England fall too. Maybe next year...

(aka Alicia Manning)