Thursday, November 1, 2007

trick or treat...

there is nothing quite as "picture perfect" as a kindergarten Halloween.

it started in my morning class with a bang... we had a school-wide parade where the kids get to walk through every classroom to show off their costumes. they absolutely loved this. some of the costumes were hilarious! and darling! i had one little boy who dressed up like a dalmation...his costume had this permanent fan that kept the costume inflated all day long. it made me laugh. i also had one of the aliens from Toy Story, tons of witches, two unicorns, Luke Skywalker, and Sally from Cars. I love how decked out Kindergartners are! They LOVE Halloween!

The room-mom's did an amazing job planning memorable parties. There was fortune-telling, cookie decorating, craft-making, tons of candies and tons of fun! The kids literally did NOT want to go home. They were so cute- and made for the most memorable Halloween since I was in Kindergarten!

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