Sunday, October 28, 2007

kinder quotes

i figure since i have been teaching the little kinder squirts for about two months now, i'd better write down some of the priceless things they've said. for privacy reasons, i will use alternate names for my students.

benjamin always has something priceless to say. this week, he said to me, "Mrs. Chapman, I can fly. I haven't practiced for a while, but I can sure fly."

Caleb, of whom i fear is suffering from teacher-student twiterpation, is a rambunctious student from my morning class. He has come to visit me 3 times now in my afternoon class. On one occasion, when I know he knew I seemed a bit concerned that he was there (and because i caught him pressing his face against my glass window) he said, "I just came to say hi to ya. I just miss ya Mrs. Chapman." (It sounded so hilarious coming from his voice).

Caleb also informed me that he has had dreams about me...he is a handful!

Adam tells me every day, "What beautiful earrings, Mrs. Chapman," or "I love your shoes today," or "Your hair looks so pretty today." He is very observant.

After I informed the class that I live in an Apartment, Connor made sure that I knew that his mom lives in a "repartment" too.

Lindsay, one of my smartest little whippersnappers, was absent for about a week. She had strep throat and actually had to go to the hospital. The day she came back, she said to me, "You missed me, didn't you Mrs. Chapman?" When I told her I did miss her she replied, "I just knew you missed me."

This last week, I told the kids I had to go to the doctor on Monday, so I wouldn't be coming to school that day. Kyle, always full of surprises, said to me, "Do you have a rash, Mrs. Chapman?" I assured him that I did not have a rash.

this is not so much a quote as it is a very hilarious experience-- of which many of you have already heard. it happened within the first couple weeks of school. Emanuel, one of my cute little ESL boys, comes running into my classroom saying, "Mrs. Chapman! Mrs. Chapman! I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW!" I said, "Ok, ok, go do your thing." So Emanuel goes...10 minutes go by...20....25 minutes...I start to get worried. So i send one of my little boys, Pete, to go heck on him. Pete comes back and says, "Mrs. Chapman, Emaneul is still in there." I said, "Well, is he ok?" "I don't know Mrs. Chapman." (He kind of was like, "really, is that any of my business if he is ok or not?") Finally 40 minutes passes, and Emanuel comes waltzing in like nothing was wrong. I tell him to go to his seat and I will come talk to him in a minute. I go to talk to him...and BOOM- the most horrid smell i've ever smelt. so, i tell Emanuel to meet me in the hall.
"Emanuel," I said, "Did you have an accident?" Clearly offended, he replied to me, "NO! Mrs. Chapman, I DIDN'T!" Then I explained to him, "Emanuel, I can smell something really yucky and I think you may have had an can tell me." His head hangs over his shoulders as he quietly retorts, "Yes, Mrs. Chapman, I had an accident. I poo-pooed in my pants. But I took off my underwear and put it right here in my pocket." He then motioned towards his right cargo pocket which clearly had a huge wad of undies in his pocket. What a little problem solver! No wonder he was in the bathroom for 40 minutes.

Miguel, another one of my ESL boys, can't say "Mrs. Chapman." Instead, he calls me "Mista Chapman." Lucky for me, he is one of my little tattlers so all day i hear my name, "Mista Chapman! Mista Chapman! He hit me!"

Candace recently learned how to wink (or so I assume). She is constantly giving me the most exaggerated winks you have ever seen...but at moments that don't really deserve a wink. For example, she'll ask, "Mrs. Chapman, can I get up and get my crayons?" "Yes," I reply. Then I get a huge wink.

Katie told me she got a new coat. It was about 75 degrees outside the day she brought it. I told her, "Katie, i don't think you'll need that coat today." Katie replied, "Yeah, but i think i'll bring it just in case I get cold." That afternoon i saw sweat dripping down her face as she proudly sported her new coat.

at an assembly we had on friday, the logan jump-roping team came and did a show of jump-roping tricks/routines. about one of the jump ropers, one of my kids said, "i'm his number one fan."

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