Thursday, August 2, 2007

simply wii.

i have so many things to blog's not even funny. let's start with.... the nintendo wii. So, for Mike's birthday, he decided, "I want a Nintendo Wii." I tilted my head down beneath my imaginary lenses and said, "Reality check, bucko. We don't have the cash-flow to support your fancy-shmancy desires." So, he went over my head and talked to his parentals and my parentals. Who can refuse his cute face? Not the 'rents, that's for sure. So they purchased him a Wii for his 24th birthday. Yesterday we received the Wii in the mail...and I'm afraid we've opened a viral can of worms that cannot and will not be contained. We started playing tennis- just one game, because I had to get to bed at a decent hour - and then one turned into best of three, best of three turned into three best of threes, and then it was 1:00 am, I had bloodshot eyes, and was not in the least bit tired. Despite my lethargy today and the inevitable bags that accompany the lethargy, my mind keeps being magnetized back to the invigorating experience of the realistic sensation the Wii creates for its users. At one point in my swing of the control last night, I actually believed I was really playing tennis. I knew, of course, in the depths of my little body, that it was really "just a game," but the combination of the sounds of swinging rackets and hit balls, and the effort it takes to swing the controller...and the fact that you can mess up if you swing too late or too early...the fact that coordination really does matter just like it does in the actual sport really confuses the user into a false reality. Thus, it is my belief that the Wii has revolutionized the Nintendo technologies. I will never reach the same level of satisfaction and achievement on Pacman than I reached last night scoring the match point with a remote control racket. It's a fact that is simply Wii.

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Rachie Rach said...

Fine you can drive up to Idaho and bring your wii. Fine we can stay up all night and have boys against girls tennis matches. FINE FINE FINE!!!