Tuesday, July 31, 2007

another step into adulthood.

I keep wondering when these "good-bye's" will end. But they don't. They keep creeping up on me like a spider that you don't know is there until you realize that a hair or a piece of lint wouldn't give you the shivers so profusely and you're forced to acknowledge that it's been a creepy crawly thing all along. I hate acknowledging the creepy-crawlies, but last night I was forced to. My sweetest bestest Meredith Wahlstrom friend is leaving on an LDS mission tomorrow, and we said our "hasta luego's" last night. My heart was and is broken in two. I know it's only 18 months, but so much could and will happen in 18 months. I could have two babies... We could be moving out of state.. I could run 2 or 3 marathons.. two seasons of American Idol...two seasons of the Office... two birthdays... lots of tears. I'm so happy for her, though. She is going to the Chile, Viña del Mar mission, which is so exciting because she will be able to live among the Chileans and learn my greatest passion, Spanish. It will be so fun to chitter chatter all fast-like in Español... It is also awesome because she is actually going to the same exact mission that her daddy went to. Fate? Maybe. Awesome? Totally. Despite all this goodness, i can't help being so sad that my sweet to the beat, generous, tender, hilarious, original friend will be gone for what seems like a lifetime. sigh. Just another step into adulthood.

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