Wednesday, January 21, 2015

all you need is love. and the pink stuff.

so i'm just sitting here listening to the Beatles "all you need is love" and online shopping and thinking about my day...which was filled with a whole lotta.....nothin, but a whole lotta love.

i think if i looked up what January's are for in some almanac somewhere (because people tottttallly use almanacs these days), it'd have some big explanation about resolutions and goals and motivation and self improvement. oh, and getting sick.

have your kids been sick too?

ugh, all three have dropped like flies with the most random sicknesses over the last week. Jack: double ear infection/cough/cold/100% irritableness. Alice: crazy coughing, turned into wheezing, turned into several breathing treatments on the nebulizer, turned into freaking mama out a bit, turned into more weird hack coughing. Ellie: cough cough cough, fever like her body was covered in fire, eventual double ear infection. = lots of pink medicine at our house = lots of ibuprofen = lots of sleepless nights = lots of Zombie mom going on = lots of Sesame Street + Jake & the Neverland Pirates.



anyway. last night we took Ellie to the Urgent Care. there's this new really awesome Urgent Care center by us. but when we walked in, Ellie grabbed onto my arm really tight, looked up at me with her worried eyes and said, "is this a hospital?" poor thing has a real fear of hospitals. i don't blame her. i don't especially love them myself. i assured her it wasn't - but the longer we were in there, the more and more this place resembled every hospital she's ever been in. she kept laying her head on my shoulder and i could tell she was getting increasingly nervous. finally, her name got called and we headed back to our room to wait some more. i looked over at Ellie, and my heart broke for her a little bit. i wished i could take her fear away - but it's pretty hard to erase experiences like she's had. i had a little prayer in my heart that she'd be ok and be comforted. finally, we got that little knock - and we got the best surprise ever: my good friend Candice was our pediatrician! Ellie knows Candice really well, as she has a daughter Ellie's age and we did Joy School with her. seriously, what are the chances?? immediately, the concern was wiped from her face, and she looked so calm. i felt like it was a little gift - an answer to this worried mama's prayer and her worried child's fear. what a simple way to feel God's love for me and my little family. God is so good.

and for the record: i highly recommend visiting a doctor friend when your kid is sick. it's such a pleasant experience compared the inevitable awkwardness that usually ensues with a random stranger doctor.

so today we stayed home and did nothing. and when i say nothing, i literally mean that i was in my sweats till 12:30 (when i decided to change into work-out clothes to make myself feel better), the girls were in random dress-ups all day, and we did not leave the house. not once. such a rarity for a weekday around here! the girls ran around giggling and making up random games all day, read books to Jack, and let him destroy all the little forts they built. Jack basically got into trouble all day long, including climbing the bathtub and nose-diving straight in, resulting in a pretty good shiner on his shnoz (and some pretty hefty tears). both girls came running to his side and kissed the heck out of those little cheeks, and then we all laid on the floor together and read our new Chatbook that came in the mail and just loved on each other. and then since we all were basically morning-wear anyway, we had breakfast for dinner, drank our pink cocktails, and everyone happily went to bed.

seriously. happily. in bed. with a lot of i love you's even.

my mom and her sisters have this thing where they always ask each other "are you winning?" when they are catching up. basically it's code for "are you above water? are you surviving? or is the enemy creeping in???" i love that phrase, and i ask myself it a lot, "am i winning?"

and so even though everyone has taken turns being as sick as can be in the last few weeks, and even though my to-do list is even longer than it was when i woke up this morning, my lil sweeties went to bed happy and full of love. so tonight i feel like i'm winning. and it feels good.

how were the beatles so smart?
all you really need is love. (ok, and the pink stuff).


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Jenny said...

How fun that Candice was your urgent care nurse! What a happy coincidence! Or probably not a coincidence :) I feel like I can relate to the plethora of pink cocktails this January! Boo to that. Pierce had a 3 day break from antibiotics and then got right back on them with an ear infection. At least none of us went to D-land and caught the measles!! Hope you Chappys feel better soon.