Monday, June 10, 2013

May 2013 Flashback - Potty Training, Park Days, Playing, & Planting

May was filled with all the end of year things... and lots of simple at home things too. The simple at home things always seem to be my favorite.

especially when they include another cute bum in the house in undies instead of diapers!

i loooaaattthhheee potty training...but Alice was a champ. she figured it out so quick....even wearing undies in the night with no accidents. hallelujah!!!! and amen. my favorite part of potty-training Alice was how excited Ellie got in the whole process. and how silly they were about it. their new favorite word is definitely "underpants." they think they are so hilarious.

and they are right.

Alice loves loves loves this little bikini and i randomly find her playing in it all the time. she is so funny, this one.

May nights are so beautiful! we love enjoying them with our favorite friends at the park.

these little cuties looovvvvee to garden and plant! we have planted quite an impressive garden this year, all because these little girls were so helpful....and so was Geraldine the Giraffe...Ellie's little stuffed animal friend that she got to bring home from Mrs. Perona's preschool! (Geraldine loved to watch us under the little umbrella that Ellie set up for her)

we joined a baby-sitting co-op with some of our good friends...and our girls LOVE it! they especially love that some of their favorite little girls are in the group. and M and i love getting to have a date multiple times a month! it's a little crazy when it's at our house sometimes, but it's worth the crazy, especially when the crazies are this cute!

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