Monday, June 10, 2013

May 2013 Flashback: Ellie's Preschool Graduation

one of the biggest blessings to our little family in this season of life was Ellie having Mrs. Perona for a preschool teacher. her little friends and world there were like gold! she and those little friends would even pray for our little family and Max, and we felt their love and prayers very strongly.

these pictures were taken on her very last day! crazy to see how much she's grown in this year.

 Mrs. Perona does such a fabulous end of year program and celebration on the last day of school. the children prepare all year long, learning songs and poems and even each get to share a speaking part. it was adorable. and i cried a lot! are you surprised!? i'm such a mom!


 and this is Ellie with her little buddy Colton - who Mrs. Perona overheard telling one of the other kids at school about Ellie, "I'm gonna marry that girl!" they are pretty dang adorable friends.

it was such a wonderful year - and i cannot WAIT for my other kids to be blessed by the Mrs. Perona magic!


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