Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ellie Turn's 5!

in our house, we do a birthday week. because one day of partying is never enough!

so the whole week of your birthday or leading up to your birthday where you get to wake up and have something special that day. it could be a little present. it could be a special meal. or it could be a little outing. something each day of your birthday week that is your favorite. the girls love birthday week!

here's the birthday girl on her birthday morning:

 check out Alice in that picture above ^^^ ..... it's totally cracking me up! i have no idea why she was crying like that, but it's a pretty classic picture.

on Ellie's actual birthday, i could not wait for Ellie to open her presents!
for every holiday since Ellie was three years old, Ellie has asked me for a violin. i always give excuses saying that they're too expensive or that she's too little or was she really sure that of all the instruments in the world she really wanted to play the violin???
and still, she would ask me in random moments if she could play the violin someday.
so we decided for her fifth birthday to get her one with violin lessons! it was such a fun surprise for her to open.

and she seemed so thrilled about the violin!

hard to believe that wonderful music will come out of that rinky dinky little thing someday.

 Ellie also had been bugging me for months and months for some running shoes. she had never had any before now -- and she was soooo excited when she opened them. my favorite was that she put them on right away, along with a new headband she also received, and raced and jumped through the house while still in her pajamas. it was hilarious!

five-year olds are fun.

 for breakfast i made Ellie's favorite waffles -- with berries and whipped cream.

and after playing with her birthday surprises for a little while, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory with Grandma and Grandpa for lunch.

 and then we headed to have a family day at Six Flags! it was my favorite family day at Six Flags yet. Ellie even rode the roller coaster for the first time. like i said, five year olds are fun.

 ^^^ my favorite photo bomb of all time.

then, as if we weren't already wiped out and sugared out, we came home and had a giant princess cake. Ellie loved it.

 it was the funnest day.

i just adore this little girl so much and the beautiful person she is becoming. it's been the best five years of mama-hood...and can't wait for many, many more.


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