Thursday, June 13, 2013

the ballet recital

my girls love love love to dance! they have been dancing for several years with a friend of mine, Heather, who teaches ballet out of her home. she normally starts little ones when they are around 3...but Ellie got lucky and started at the 2 year mark before she had made a firm starting-age. in January, Heather approached me about Alice coming to Ellie's ballet class - she told me that she really wanted to help in any way she could, and that would be a small way that she could do that. to me it was huge! Alice had been begging me to do dance for months and months and months. she was so thrilled to be in there with the big girls...and the big girls were so incredibly sweet to her. i am so grateful for this chance that Heather gave my girls to dance together - who knows if they'll ever get to do that again! it was a special lil blessing for us.

in June, they had their yearly recital. it was soooo adorable! here are the girls all dolled up and ready to perform:

they even got a special treat of Gammy showing up, just for the show! it was such a sweet, generous surprise. the girls were soooo happy to have her here!

the recital was beyond adorable! is there anything cuter than seeing little girls in buns and tights and ballet outfits? i dont' know that there is! especially a teensy tiny one, like little Alice. i had a perma-grin smeared across my face!

my favorite part of the recital was when the girls did their little solos. each little girl got to do their favorite ballet move all alone .... my girls got to twirl out together. it was so cute!

after Ellie did her little jump, Alice came to the middle of the stage, spread out her legs in a straddle, and lifted her hands like this, as if to say "tah dah!" i about melted all over the floor! it was Ahhhhh-dorable!

i am beyond grateful for the many people that have blessed my life in countless ways -- who knew that ballet would be such a blessing? well, it was. so grateful for these happy things i could look forward to at this time of my life.


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