Friday, April 4, 2014

April 2014: Kindergarten Field Trip to the Farm

as on of my last hurrah's before having baby #4, i went with Ellie to her Kindergarten field trip to the Farm. it was a totally wet and muddy day after lots of rain (it even rained a little bit too!) which made it the perfect Farm Day.

 {Ruby, Ellie & Emily}

the farm was absolutely beautiful and green everywhere. like i remember looking around and thinking, i could live on a farm. i could totally live on a farm.

we saw tons of animals: pigs, turkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, horses, ponies, bunnies, worms, swans, ducks, cows, just to name a few. 




and you wanna know which animal was the favorite of all of those? the bunnies! seriously! the kids loved holding and touching those little bunnies. 


i don't blame them, i have a special place in my heart for bunnies too. when i was growing up, before we got a dog, we had a couple of pet bunnies. my first bunnies name was Cookie. she was a big white and black floppy eared bunny- sweetest thing. and i remember i loved coming home from school to hold her and feed her. well, one day i came home from kindergarten and Cookie was gone. she had gotten worms (ACK) and my mom took her to the vet where they put her to sleep because she was dying. i was DEVASTATED. but not as devastated as i was with losing my second bunny, Charlie Chaplin, named such because of the little black mustache he had on his white fur right below his whiskers. he was the softest floppy eared bunny ever, and was my baby. i'd feed him and clean his cage and play with him as much as i could every day. he loved eating flowers- so one day i made him a petunia salad. he gobbled that thing right up! he was so happy and we played all afternoon. the next day, i went and made him another salad, brought it to his cage, and he just laid there, and i knew he had died. come to find out, my mom had sprayed those flowers with pesticides the day before so i actually had poisoned my little bunny. i was absolutely horrified and still feel guilty to this day. poor lil Charlie Chaplin. 

anyyyyway, now that i got all those dark bunny traumas out in the open (phew), let's get back to the farm. 

the most annoying part of the farm is this little cow that sits there and talks and tells weird stories about safety and rules to the kids. seriously, a robot talking cow. drove me nuts how much the kids loved that thing - i'm like, "GUYS THERES A REAL COW OUTSIDE. RIGHT OUTSIDE!" but alas, they loved the robot cow and so we stayed in there for a good long while. 


they had awesome gardens and a beautiful greenhouse at the farm. the kids got to plant their own seed and bring home the plant. i think it was a sunflower maybe? i don't know. we probably killed it so i can't remember what it was supposed to be. someday i'll go and read some books to learn how to keep plants alive. until then, sorry little seeds that come to my house. you don't stand a chance.


i just love field trip days- the one on one time with my kids, doing something extra fun, with all of their little school friends is one of my favorite things. and i extra love kindergarten Ellie and Ellie's kindergarten friends!


before we left, Ellie got to ring the bell -- the perfect end to a pretty magical day on the Farm!


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