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March 2014: Jeff & Marie's Wedding!

Mike's younger brother Jeff got married in the Salt Lake temple to the cutest girl on earth, Marie Bates on March 22nd, 2014. it was such a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. we stayed with Mike's family in a big house in the Sandy area and it was a lot of fun.

the week of, we did some fun family things like hanging out with cousins...

we saw the new City Creek shopping area in downtown SLC- amazingly beautiful! of course we loved it.

 we also showed the girls our stomping grounds at good ole BYU (which seriously makes M and i way too nostalgic and proud. it's embarrassing really).

mixed in with that goodness, we played miniature golf, hung out at this family fun place where the girls rode rides, climbed a rock wall, and played lots of arcade games, ate at all of our favorite spots (Cafe Rio, Zupas, Tucanos, Kneaders.....just to name a few), and i took advantage of going on some gorgeous walks near my beautiful Utah mountains that i love and miss so much.

(i love this view too ^^) 


the night before the wedding, we all went to the house that Marie's family was staying at not too far away and had a way fun games night getting to know everybody (especially the couple) + a dinner from Zupa's with her whole family. they are the best! i loved meeting everyone and felt all over again like Jeff scored big time. she has a beautiful family that is easy to fall in love with.

the wedding day was soooo gorgeous! i was totally expecting it to be freezing and snowy (i mean, Utah in March --- i thought for sure there'd be white stuff!) but boy was i wrong! it was a little bit chilly, buthad seriously the most perfect blue skies -- it was the most beautiful day.

my favorite part of temple weddings is always the sealing. it is so neat being able to be a part of that experience - especially with family members and loved ones that you care so much about! Jeff and Marie's sealing was extra special for a few reasons - 1) because it was performed by Grandpa Van Alfen -- which was so neat! and 2) because it was the first time participating in that ordinance since after Max passed away. i wasn't expecting it, but i felt him very near throughout their sealing- it is a moment i wrote in detail about in my journal and that i'll never ever forget. i love the temple, so so much - and that in that ordinance, our families are truly sealed and bound together for all time and eternity. it really is such a beautiful promise and blessing that i have never been more grateful for.

the girls got to be little flower girls along with Marie's other two nieces. they totally loved that and felt so special! Marie's family got these adorable flower-girl dresses for all of the little girls...they all looked sweet and perfect!

i love that moment when the bride and groom come out of the temple! it is the best!

i got to be a bridesmaid, which i thought was so, so sweet. i felt a little bad that i was right in front in this picture though -- sorry Marie! your sisters should have had that spot. but i do love you and think that you made the most gorgeous bride. 

i love this picture of all of us!

and i really, really love this pic of my little family. but PS, it's kind of uncool that i've been pregnant for both of our baby siblings' weddings. i know that's kind of vain...but being pregnant for a wedding is kind of the worst.

wedding days are long days, especially for little ones. but these girls were so great! a big thanks to their handy leap-pads and coloring books and chocolate cake.

 Alice is all about Mike these days. she loves her daddy. and it makes me kinda jealous.

 and Ellie loves her grandpa!

but i can still make silly faces with the best of em!

and of course we loved our little moments with the bride and groom mixed in! 

the reception was beautiful and a lot of fun. the girls loved dancing the night away! (and running away any time they saw me trying to take pictures of them).

i loved seeing my Sandi there! and of course having Ellie and Cale, besties from birth, dance the night away. i love forever friends.

the day after the wedding, we went to the Grand America Hotel in SLC to have their famous Sunday Brunch. i had never eaten there for it and it was so divine! all of us were in HEAVEN. gluttony at its finest.

all in all, the best week! love these happy family memories.


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