Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 2014: Ellie's First Violin Recital

Ellie had her very first violin recital, and it was the sweetest thing!

for her solo, she played Long Long Ago. My favorite part of this video is Ellie's proud little smile when she finishes at the end. it's like she's proud and embarrassed and relieved and happy all at the same time.

then Ellie played a duet with one of her best little friends, Millie Waltman. they played Allegro and both did so great! such brave little humans!

after the recital, we enjoyed refreshments together...

and Ellie hung out with her impressive fan club, including Mommy, Daddy, Alice, Grandma, Grandpa, Jeff & Marie. she's so lucky to have so much family close by who loves and supports her.


and i was there, just waddling my way around everywhere, like, "whaaaaa? i'm stillllllll pregnant??"

really, though, i'm totally convinced that recital days are mom-pay-off days big time. all those lessons and pulling-teeth practices together melt away and all you see is just the loveliest little human creating magic with her little arms and fingers. i'm so proud of that cute little violinist Ellie girl!


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