Monday, January 20, 2014

January 2014- Chasing Mavericks

it has been on M's bucket list forever to go out to Mavericks when they get big and see the crazy surfers catch the waves. so one Saturday we went out and made that dream come true! it was totally amazing to see these crazy surfers catching this monstrous waves -we even saw one surfer come out with his board snapped in half from the crazy wave ferocity. those guys are nuts. and it was a total trip to witness! and oddly, it was the most beautiful beach day weve ever experienced in the Bay Area. in January. what the?

if you look closely at the GIF below, you can see a dude surfing a wave. these surfers have some serious thrill issues! their poor mamas!

these are ocean girls for sure. they could play in the sand and water for hours and hours.


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