Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014- January Randomness

in looking through my iphone reel, there was a whole lotta January random awesomeness and just plain randomness but also adorableness that deserves to be remembered. so. here's a classic phone dump at it's finest:

the girls are head-over-heels enamored with their soon-to-be aunt Marie, Jeff's fiance! she is darling  and we can't wait for her to be in our family.

we got a new place by us that serves Shave Ice....which is life-changing! i LOVE shave ice, so this is good. this is very very good.

on the last day of our Winter Break, we took the girls to the Holiday in the Park at Six Flags. these girls LOVE "Sixa-Flags" as Alice calls it. it was a way fun family day.

Alice is such a lil daredevil when it comes to riding roller coasters. this one little roller coaster had M and i laughing our brains out - it was a dropping one - and i've NEVVVER heard Alice scream like that! i felt bad to laugh so hard, but man. she was petrified.....and then, asked to ride on it again and again! what?? so hilarious.

in other noteworthy January news, Alice became a sunbeam! i love being in Primary so i can sneak peeks of my kids in Primary. serving in Primary has meant that i have gotten to see both girls through this big milestone and i feel so lucky! it is so fun. Alice was so cute doing all the songs and actions. i love her.

i got a new little vanity set that M built for me (ikea style) -- and the girls LOVE sitting at it and admiring themselves there. it is pretty dang cute.

Ellie is rockin' it on the high beam at gymnastics lately. remember when she used to be terrified of that thing? not so much anymore!

Alice is as adorable as ever doing gymnastics too. she is sooooo flexible it's not even funny! the coaches seriously tell me all the time how incredible she is. i try to not acknowledge it too much because i don't want her head to explode.  but holy cow, isn't she so adorable? i love these girls. 

and January in California is always the best -- backyard picnic + 70 degrees? a day trip to the zoo? park days?? yes please!

but it IS January- which means the rain did come -- and you'd better believe these girls were ready to gear up and play their hearts out in it! 

ALSO, we moved the girls out of the other room and into the play room to make room for baby brother ...... and to make better use of all the space, we got them bunks! they LOVE them. and are so cute sleeping in bunks. are they really big enough for this? i have kids old enough for bunks? man. this is nuts.

annnnnddd, finally, i decided that just because i'm pregnant, doesn't mean i'm dead and can't move my body. actually, i had a moment where i looked at some pictures from Disneyland and didn't recognize myself and all the double and triple chins i had gained from those churros and corn dogs. it freaked me out! especially since i wasn't even half-way done with my pregnancy, which meant i was just going to keep getting softer and bigger and that just scared me. so i started researching eating clean and how i could make some changes to help. and so M and i have been doing that for the whole month of January...eating clean that is. and i feel so good! i am noticing big changes in how i feel physically and that is exciting. i still want donuts every minute of every day, but i'm learning to control wanting to eat my feelings so much - and that feels good. and i have been making it back to the gym in the mornings - which helps me feel so much better about myself. i'm such a head-case with stuff like this - but it really does affect my happiness whether or not i am taking care of my body.

(oh, and FYI, baby #4  is still growing good in there. cute lil man).

and so, for being January, it was a pretty good month. definitely a good omen for 2014.


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