Friday, January 10, 2014

January 2014: girl magic.

one of my very favorite moments in the bleak month of January was walking in on Alice putting on a ballet recital for her dolls. i mean! seriously? this stuff is what my dreams are made of.

the next cutest thing was that Ellie saw one of these pictures of Alice doing ballet for her dolls, and so later in the afternoon, she set up her dolls for her to put on a private violin concert for them. can i just say that these dolls are like the luckiest EVER? a private ballet performance AND a private violin concert IN THE SAME DAY? man, these little girls were killing me dead with their cuteness this day.

and then, LATER THAT SAME DAY, Ellie put on her Anna dress, grabbed a stack of books, and snuggled on the couch where she read for a good hour. seriously! she is in that idyllic land of reading discovery - it's basically my favorite learning stage of all.

man, having kids is so awesome. but having little girls is magic.


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