Saturday, September 22, 2012

ms Preschooler, Ellie.

one of the biggest blessings in little Ellie's life right now (and our lives as a family) is being in Mrs. Perona's Preschool class.

Ellie has always been so eager to learn; from when she was that little 14 month old baby reciting letters of the alphabet (video proof here), to when she was the 18 month old having full-sentence conversations with the nursery leaders, i have often had a difficult time keeping up with her energy and enthusiasm for knowledge. enter Mrs. Perona's preschool: Ellie is fulfilled! it has been magical to watch.

all summer long, Ellie would ask "is this the day i get to go to preschool with Mrs. Perona?" she could not wait. Mrs. Perona had come to our house the end of August to meet Ellie and brought her a little present, too. Ellie immediately felt safe and loved and understood by Mrs. Perona -- and wanted to start preschool that day. and honestly, i was ready in that instant for it to start, too. i was ready for all the routines to start up and the spontaneity of summer to end (read: the choice to stay on the couch and do absolutely nothing could end). i also was ready for her to grow and be challenged...and to be loved and adored by such an awesome lady.

the first day, she was twitterpated. she got on her back-pack at 9 am-- and was going crazy to have to wait 3 hours to have to go (she is in the afternoon class). it was even pretty awesome how she asked ME to take some pictures of her on her "first day as a preschool kid." well, twist my arm child.

so we went out for a little photo-shoot...and well, Ms. Alice...she wanted in on the fun. she grabbed her own "pack-pack" and posed (read: mimicked Ellie's poses) for several shots, too. (oh, and inserted herself into several of Ellie's as well). i love the pictures though- because they tell so beautifully what is happening in our lives right now: Ellie is growing up. Alice wants to be just as big doing anything and everything that Ellie does- she adores that big sister- and is getting a little tired of being left behind all the time. they really can be so sweet together- and i love that.

(p.s. i don't know where Ellie learned to do that kissy face from...i mean, i never do that in pictures)

[this shot of Alice smiling/Ellie's kissy face is one of my favorite pictures right now. what a cute lil pair.]

and then it was time to go. we got in the car and Ellie asked me, "Mama, you're coming in with me to preschool, right? and Alice too?" i explained that preschool was for four-year olds, not for mommy's or little sisters. i could see the worry in her face and her lip quivered a little bit. so i said, "Ellie, you can do it. you can be brave! we will miss you all the time that you are gone- but you are going to love it so much. and when you are all done, i will be here to pick you up and hear all about it."

long pause.

"Ok Mom. i can do Preschool. my friend Kate used to be in preschool, huh? with Mrs. Perona too, huh? i'm going to love it?"

(getting a little choked up) "yes, you're going to love it. i love you Ellie."

and as soon as we pulled up, we jumped out of the car-- and there were the pet bunnies (Sweet Pea and Poopsie) who welcomed them to their new class (and who they got to pet and love on)...and she forgot all about being scared and worried and nervous.

and she's been beaming ever since.

[at Mrs. Perona's Preschool- going through the backyard]



Jenny said...

I'm so glad Ellie loves Mrs. Perona as much as Kate did. That exchange between you and Ellie on the the first day of school was so cute. It's so fun and sad at the same time to see them start going off on their own.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

my goodness your girls' kissy faces are to die for. so so edible. you are a sweet little mama. can't believe how big ellie is getting. i still remember getting that letter from you on my mission about ellie's birth and the sweet pics of her. i love you and your little family marce.
now please tell me how to have two children at the same time! i could use some tips:) i don't think i'll ever leave the house again.....ha ha....but seriously.

Amy W said...

Oh my word!! You are soooo lucky! We absolutely adore Mrs. Perona! I hope all is well in the far away land of Walnut Creek! Take care! Love keeping up with you on your blog!