Thursday, September 20, 2012

labor day isn't for laboring.

M had to travel the weekend before / over Labor Day-- which was super lame. (i mean, labor day was not meant for laboring. duh.) i wasn't feeling great-- which was super lame, too. i was kinda bummed to be spending the holiday alone...was stressed with home-life...and decided spontaneously that leaving town was pretty awesome option. so i packed up the girls, a couple of bags, and drove to Southern California to visit my family for one last summer trip (oh, and did i mention that i didn't tell hardly anybody, either? i felt very...sneaky).

traveling-wise, the girls behaved the best they had ever behaved on a road-trip. super-duper miracle. trip-wise, it was beautiful and rejuvenating. we even had the great surrpise of getting to be there with my Aunt Karen, Unlce Lane and cousin Kelly, who also spontaneously decided to skip town to visit my family. Karen is like my second mom- she lived around the corner from me growing up- so she knows all my friends, my gossip, and my silly childhood self. it was so homey to be with everyone for a few days.

the sunrise on our trip down
bath-time concerts (upon the girls' special request)
story-time with Karen & Lane
swimming in Gammy & Pops' pool
hearing Kelly's perfect voice sing all the Disney Princess songs (the girls were amazed)
everyone jamming out and singing "Part of Your World" (i told you Alice is obsessed)
Balboa Island
Whale Watching- and not seeing a single whale/dolphin/sea animal
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Sunday Picnic at the Pier
Alice with a giant super-soaker
spending all day (like 10 am- 6 pm) Labor day in the pool swimming- and Pops even getting to join us for the fun (in spite of his Sept. 15 deadline)

and of course the number 1 highlight: getting to spend time with my wonderful sister Mimi, her cute fiance Aaron (of whom my girls both ADORE- would you believe that Aaron spent most of that 8 hr swim day with Ellie in the pool? pretty adorable), my wise Pops, and my wonderful, thoughtful mama-- all people who i miss more than words can say. families weren't meant to live this far apart, i tell you what! but i guess a 7 hr drive isn't THAT far...and i guess that's why i can never stay away too long.



Jana said...

So glad you are still making it through pregnancy. It's fun to read a little update on your family. I laid on the couch for like 6-7 months of my 3rd pregnancy. The kids still love you, and so does the husband (mine's just happy he doesn't have to go through it, physically). Hang in there. It's so exciting to have a 3rd baby on the way!

Allie said...

You blogged! Twice! Keep it up, woman. If I'm being honest, I kind of hate it every time you go down to So. Cal though. Number one, I hate to be down a friend like you. Number two, I get kind of jealous of how much fun you have/how close-ish you are to your family. Number three, I just really want a bath time concert ok?

Elyse Beard said...

I 2nd Allie. Will your mom give US a bath time concert?!?

Kristi said...

I'm still here. Reading your blog. Don't give up. :) How fun that you just packed up and headed to your parents house - and as a surprise! I LOVE pulling off surprises like that! My parents are a 7 hr drive as well, so kudos to you for doing it alone. It gets hard with two kiddos on a drive of that length. Looks like a very FUN weekend!