Tuesday, August 14, 2012


wait, what?
it's not july anymore?

are you sure?

whoa, i don't know what planet i've been on (maybe cool-summer-planet?), but i obviously have no concept of time right now.

here's a lil picture spread of how our july shaped up, thanks to my handy dandy iphone (a few holgas coming soon):

Explanations, Left-Right, Top-Bottom:

(1-6): Color Run in SF- one of the funnest/funniest experiences ever. butter is not a carb! it's a fat! knowledge i find daily reassurance by. oh, our team is looking for a coach for our next color run, if anyone is interested (um. not really).
(7): Finding Alice in an obscure corner sneaking a marshmallow...5 minutes before dinner
(8): Going on walks with friends- and letting the little girls walk, too.
(9): On our walks/runs, Alice has decided this her sitting stance of preference.
(10-12): M and a few of his friends in the stake took their daughters for a little overnighter camping. they happened to camp the morning of M's birthday, so they even made him a dirt cake with stick candles to blow out (unpictured). i'm pretty sure he felt very loved.
(13): Alice bringing daddy balloons for his birthday.
(14): Ellie helping bake cupcakes for daddy's birthday.
(15): M with his favorite birthday gift from me ever, his very own hospital mug with a six-pack of rootbeer (now he can stop sipping off of mine).

(Explanations, cont'd)

(16-18): Celebrating M's birthday on the Coast- his happy place. the highlight was watching him try to teach Ellie how to play paddle ball. though Alice running into the freezing waves was pretty awesome too.
(19-20): the girls loved a cute lil splash pad with friends.
(21): a self-portrait taken seconds after M saved my phone from some horrible Chuck-e-cheese phone robbers. miracle, i tell you.
(22): the night Ellie & M went camping, Alice and i had a lil shopping date. it's my favorite when she lets me do her hair in pigtails like that. such kissable cheeks on that kid, too.
(23): Ellie finished up swim lessons for the summer- and her coolest skill that she mastered: diving (belly-flopping) off of the diving board. and while i am kind of joking, i'm actually serious- i'm so proud of her for being so brave! she will actually jump of the diving board non-stop and swim all over the pool like a lil fish. swimming lessons = an unexpected huge success!
(24): cardboard box bed = hours of fun.
(25): going for Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Alice INSISTED on wearing these sunglasses inside to show "Mamma & Papa." celebrity in the making.
(26):  there's Alice's lil sitting stance again. that lil shnook is a crack-up, i tell you what.
(27): it's been HOT. how do you survive the heat? lots of trips to yogurtland, jamba juice, and 7-11, that's how. and these girls love it.

and that was our july! whew! ok. maybe someday i'll update in real time.


hugs and kisses from our family to yours.
hope you're enjoying a happy, happy summer.



Jenny said...

speaking of yogurtland, have you tried their strawberry lemonade flavor?? it's their first lactose free or dairy free flavor or something like that so i thought of you! it's also really really amazing. we should go get some, like, now.

Tiffany said...

love the color run pics :)
wait...butters not a carb??