Wednesday, March 7, 2012

feb ended, and i'm alive.

hi blogosphere!
i live!!

{devouring some Sprinkles cupcake yumminess- my first one ever-- seriously sinful}
my lil fam and i took a little escapade down to my second home in Southern Cal where we have been enjoying lots of Disney, lots of daddy time, lots of Gammy, Pops, & Mimi time, and lots of R&R (well, until tuesday when i left the laundry room sink on upstairs to soak some stains...and it flooded everywhere, leaking through the walls and light fixtures on the main level. it was pure chaos and embarrassment- and a pretty penny, too. not my proudest moment. 2 super power drier/dehumidifier machines, 2 odd worker men, 2 strange catheter-looking tubes stretched all across the house sucking water from the walls and dumping it in the sink, torn up carpet, and 4 fans which are still blowing louder than a wailing baby (can you say annoying?) = an upwards of $2000 mistake. no bueno, folks. a seriously costly, humiliating mishap. thank heavens for verrrry understanding parents.). here's a little peek into the madness:

so previously in this post, i had included a bunch of instagrams with captions...i deleted them all after noticing 2 things- 1) the quality of the pictures was terrrrrible. something is wrong with my blogging app on my phone because it keeps uploading pictures like that. what's the dealio!? and 2) i realized that i had posted most of those in my collage in the previous post. how super lame and spacy-brained can i get? i mean really. my friend jenny recently wrote something on her blog that i totally agree with- instagram seems to be taking some of my blogging thunder. i'm sorry for all the redundancy for you all who follow me here and there. but have no fear! i am still loyal to my blog- while many are giving theirs up, i will fight for mine till the death. i love this lil thing- we've been through a lot together, you + my blog + me, you know? and we kinda belong together. and so we'll stay together.

and in case you were wondering, we enjoyed such a happy happy trip. these lil happy faces will attest to that:

hope you're all happy, too! can't wait to catch up soon.

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Megan said...

what a lovely post! I'm still so sorry for the water catastrophe - that is hugely embarrassing and I just feel bad. but don't worry too much, we've all been there. I enjoy your instagram photos so much - I consider you the professional inatagrammer and one day you'll have to teach me your tricks ;) going home is always hard but I'm glad you've enjoyed your trip! the pictures are too cute! :)