Friday, February 24, 2012

"how do you do it all?"

i have heard this question in more than one circumstance lately. i think i've painted an unfair image of myself because...i'm a mess. and i hardly do it all.

case(s) in point:

:: early last week i had to know what the big deal was with Downton Abbey. i started watching while folded laundry, then conveniently got plagued with a migraine/cold/cough trio. i used this nasty trio as an excuse to lounge around in my jammies, keep my fuddy duddy grubby glasses on, and watch Downton Abbey in every free second, using Netflix,, and my iPhone. this may have meant that i neglected my homemakerly duties. and i am embarrassed to admit that i am all caught up. i adore Matthew Crawley.

:: three days in a row i stayed in my workout clothes until 3:00 pm, when i finally realized going on a run wasn't going to happen and i'd better hurry and shower for the day before Alice woke up from her nap.

:: we just took our christmas lights down. today. as in February 24. as in Christmas was two months ago.

:: i also lost my keys today. as in locked them in my car. as in, i was extremely late picking up Ellie from her outings today. as in i was super duper embarrassed to be the last mom to pick up their kid because of a "lost keys" problem.

:: i also just found my phone in the fridge.

:: i forgot to respond to an email about a church visit and missed an appointment. i still feel horrible.

:: there is a massive pile of laundry on my bed, staring me at the face with its ugliness, telling me that it needs to be folded (it has been scuzzing me out since Monday). i keep wondering who is going to do it. 

:: last night i made the girls corn dogs for dinner, and made M eat leftovers, both while i enjoyed a yummy dinner at a Relief Society meeting. did i mention that i promised my family something yummy for dinner last night? and that's what i came up with?

and so to answer that question, how do you do it all?, it is obvious that i don't. my mom always used to say "we all have 24 hours in a day," and i've kind of adopted that mentality.  every woman is busy- whether it is with kids or church or work or taking care of your home. life demands so much of us women, huh? sometimes it is frustrating and seems unfair. and so naturally the balance gets thrown off. i admit that sometimes (ok, or more than sometimes) i resign at midnight to go to bed with a messy house and dishes in the sink, even though i swore i'd never do either of those things and it makes me cringe to my bones. most days my hair is in a pony tail because it takes way too much energy to do anything else. and i stink at returning phone calls because i can never seem to find moments in my day that my attention isn't being pulled in 10 different directions, including getting the 50th drink for a human that day, wiping yet another bum, and sweeping up the dumped-out goldfish box of crackers for the third time that day.

i guess i'm telling you these things because i hope my blog is not a place you come feeling bad about yourself and what you do as a mom, a wife, a friend, or even just a woman. we're all different. we all have different kids. we all have different things we choose to do with our time. my blog happens to be a place where i share moments that i am proud of- the normal things that we do... not so much of all the stuff we don't do. you know? (well, i guess excluding this post. you're getting a pretty good sneak peak into my undone life). i love my life- but it is not perfect. and it is nearly always half-done. that's the truth.

and so my biggest secret i guess is that sometimes i just give in, i say that half-done is ok with me today, or i just say no, i can't do it today. i realize that sometimes that's ok, in spite of what it may seem like everyone else is seamlessly accomplishing. most days i go to bed thinking "i did my best today and still didn't get everything done. but there's always tomorrow to try again." i think that's all Heavenly Father wants from us- our best. and to keep trying to make our best even a little better tomorrow.

FYI: my best right this minute includes jammies, a glass of OJ, sesame street, and spilled bowls of yogurt.

PS: here's a little collage of what we've been up to since you heard from me last. messes, crazy baby, food, and sunny weather. aka: the good, bad, & the ugly.



Jenny said...

i was so happy to find a new post from you to read while I am scarfing down my lunch!

i convinced my sister in law to start watching Downton Abbey with me while she was here this week and we flew through the first season! The first episode really caught me off guard though with the dudes kissing. WTH!!?? I've been unpatiently waiting for this weekend to be over so I can veg in my jammies for a few days and watch the rest of it.

it makes me very happy to know that other people have laundry on their beds, too.

Adrienne said...

I love your blog. It always makes me smile. Your life seems wonderful but real. You do a great job capturing it all. It makes me very sad that I never knew you in high school though

Chris and Brooklyn said...

I love your blog. I have never stopped reading. Also I have never thought that once about your blog. I was just telling my mom about your excellent writing the other day. When you wrote on here about your husband telling you to try to see the world through your three year olds eyes, I have not forgotten that! I remind myself of that often! This post is one of those helpful ones!! Thanks!!

Amber said...

I like reading your blog because you have a cheerful disposition and you seem to take things in stride. You are a joy to know.

Shelli said...

I'm so in love with you. And I'm right there with you and the Matthew Crawley crush. :) I watched both seasons during one week of nursing ... since I'm just sitting there anyway, right?

I so wish I still lived by you. Smooch your little girlies for me!

Tiffany said...

Hi Marci! Just found your blog through Ali and Bryans :) I just did love week on my blog too and know Denae Blodgett...we have so many mutual acquaintances, we must have just been destined to be friends ;)
Your family is so adorable and I loved reading this post! So happy I found your blog and so glad I got to meet you and spend time with you while I was in california :)

Megan said...

Thanks for this post Marc! I can definitely relate, I think you have to let go of a lot when you have small kids. I'm always amazed and what I just have to "let go". Too bad we couldn't ever meet up in So. Cal. Funny we were both there but our schedules were off. We had a great time. I wish we could go there more often! Hope you guys had a great time too!!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

HI Friend!!! You're the best! I've got to look into this Downtown Abbey thing. I hope all is well! Love your pictures.