Friday, February 10, 2012

love week: i love pinterest.

my life has changed both for the better and the worse since i discovered Pinterest (just ask M)- but in spite of the worse, i love it.

i love how endless the ideas and inspirations are that come from Pinterest.
i love how i can finally tell what my taste is, and how i want to decorate my home (i know, i've been on my own for almost 10 years and still hadn't been able to identify what i really like for my own house. now i do. and it's expensive.)
i love how it gives me fashion ideas- using items in my closet in a different way than i had ever thought of.
i love how many delicious recipes there are -- i have tried several that are keeeeeeeepers.
i love finding cool photos and snapshots to try to recreate.
i love all the free stuff and printables that i find, that i would have otherwise not have found.
i love how it makes one place for me to find websites, recipes, and wishlists.
i love seeing what my friends and family pin. i specifically love snatching all of my sister's pins- she's always been so fashion-forward, creative, and artsy.
i love all the resources i've found for planning and decorating parties. there's some dang cute stuff out there.
and i love how i can spend a little time on Pinterest and feel like i just went window shopping or even real shopping, all while in my PJ's and without breaking the bank.

a disclaimer about Pinterest: i am not rich, nor do i have 1/10th of the things i pin. i don't even purchase 1/10th of the things i pin. it's more like playing house for me, and getting ideas. sure, it kind of makes me greedy. like i want wayyyy too many clothes that i'll never ever in a million trillion years be able to afford. and my house doesn't come close to measuring up to the rooms on my boards look. and i've only done about 1/5th of the projects i've pinned. but that's 1/5th more than the projects i have done before, i now have a great eye at TJ Maxx and Marshall's for what i really want to add to my wardrobe, and i know which direction to start in my house. and so, i remain pinterestingly loyal.

here are some of my favorite pins lately (and not-so-lately)


{you can find all pins via Pinterest, on my profile/boards}

Pinterest is awesome.
are you as into it as i am?

let's be Pinterest friends if we're not already:

you'll love it and hate it and love it, i promise.
i'm sure you fellow pinteresters would agree.



Mat Shaw said...

Hey! That lady wearing salmon-y pinkish pants and a white shirt with navy stripes looks vaguely familiar to me...maybe because it's similar to what you were wearing in your "self portrait" on Instagram last night! That's fun to see Pinterest working positively for somebody. I hear a lot of people like it. :)

Mat Shaw said...

Dang, Marce. That was me...NOT my husband. Poor Mat! I should probably be more careful about making sure I'm not logged in under his name. Sorry!