Saturday, February 11, 2012

love week: i love saturdays.

i love Saturdays. such a great day of the week, huh?

i love my early Saturday morning runs with some of my favorite friends. i love starting the day right, giving time for myself and my body- without the resistance from the babes (it makes me so sad that my Alice is entering an anti-stroller stage. i hope it goes by quickly because otherwise i don't know how i'll survive). and as a side note: i love to run. it's something i haven't always loved to do, but that i definitely love now-- i think a huge reason i am finally comfortable here and have good friends is because of our little Saturday running group. i'm so grateful for those girls -- for listening to my crazy stories from my crazy life, for telling me about theirs and making me feel a little less crazy, and for whipping my post-baby butt into shape. i love Saturday morning runs.

i love Saturdays because M is home. i love how we always have a little project going on- right now he is building a mantle. he's such a handy-man and such a babe. i love seeing him shoot that nail-gun. ow ow.

i love Saturdays because most of the time we just play all day. Alice marches around and squeals all day. Ellie dresses up in 10 different things and pretends pretends pretends. today Ellie is pretending it's everyone's birthday. she even baked me a cake and then sang happy birthday to me- i know it's silly but i think i'll treasure this video forever and ever and play it on my birthday every year from now on.

i love Saturdays because we usually eat good food. either donuts or in-n-out or pizza...Saturday is usually a free-reign eating day in our house. the girls get special treats (fun-dips were in their mailboxes- Ellie's world just got rocked) and the parentals get special treats too. let's be honest here, i love treats and good food so this is heaven. i confess that i think of Saturday all week long mostly because of how excited i am to eat a loaf of french bread all by myself and feel great about it.

and mostly i love Saturdays because it's a family day. we're all together. and it i feel like it is how it always should be. i wish there were more Saturdays.



Jenny said...

i am insanely jealous Mike is building you a mantle. I think I'm gonna leave your blog open on our computer for a few days to see if Chris will get the hint! Ha.

I'm so happy we are running buddies! I love all of your crazy stories!

Mat and Brooke said...

I'm sure the Lord has stars in his eyes when he looks down at that beautiful family of yours. Such love abounding between you all!

I love how you are so darn cute about that husband of yours. I love how Ellie is so "alive" in every sense of the word--she reminds me of you in so many, many ways! I love how that little Alice Joy just seems to grace the presence of your family and make it so complete right now. And, I love seeing what a fantastic mother you are at "holding it all together."

Sometimes, well...all the times, when I see pictures of you with that cute gaggle of girlfriends you have, I wish I could be so lucky to live by you and learn from your enthusiasm as often as they do! What a cute group of gals! It's no surprise to me that you are so loved everywhere you go.

Hope you had a great Saturday!

D-dawg said...

I love the saturday morning running group idea! I might have to start one.

Also, Saturdays are my favorite too - I love when our whole family is together.

Linda said...

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that you are living happily, even in the wonderful chaos of motherhood~ I learn so much from you and your friend's comments too!

Linda said...

Ellie singing, the pictures.... always make my day! Love it! Have a fabulous Valentine Day celebrating LOVE with all your favorite people. Thank You for the amazing box! You are the Queen of Love. xoxox

Allie said...

I love running with you! Ellie is too cute. I love her little voice.