Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love week: i love brown packages + rainy afternoons.

today i am loving this rainy weather.

 especially after receiving a surprise brown package in the mail with some lovely surprises...

which have lead us to ditch the piles of laundry (somewhat to Alice's least someone around here likes piles of laundry)...

and have a sisters/tent/popcorn/movie afternoon instead.

i just love these small, yet memorable moments with the girls. they're what make being a mom so sweet (and messy. popcorn is now all over my floor, and the laundry is obviously not done).

Valentine's day is tomorrow! any special traditions at your house? we will have hearts oozing out of our ears...and love too. can't wait.

*note: blogger is being spazzerific tonight and has deleted 3 posts of mine? so i'm sorry if you are re-reading this in your google reader. a major WHATEVS to blog-craptastic-ger.


1 comment:

Linda said...

so much. smiling from ear to ear....
Glad that you were wise enough to put aside the laundry for this! way to go Marci! Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart. I love you mucho.