Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love week: my valentine.

tonight i have a major-cheesy- Taylor Swift song-sized crush on this guy:

hot dang, i love my boyfriend, my best friend, my man, my partner in crime, my hubby, my love, my valentine, my M.

*note: as mentioned in that previous post, blogger is wiggin' out like a fool on me tonight- i've tried to post this toast 3 times now, as evidenced on google reader, but not on my blog-wog. how annoying to read the same mushy sentence three times in a row. ick. phewy. sorry. dude, blogger!? where's the love? obvs someone is jealous of the amount of love up in here. but alas! love will conquer all. even crapperific blogger.


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Mat and Brooke said...

Hmm...not sure I knew about google now, I'm just feeling embarrassed that sometimes I post the same dang post like SEVERAL times before I get it just right. Really??? Does everybody get to see that? Fine. I'm DONE blogging!