Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sometimes my hubby drives me nuts.

it's true- he does. like can you please just put our coat away instead of draping it on the couch? and why is that candy wrapper from the candy you just ate on the floor instead of the trash? and how hard is it to put those balled up dirty socks that are on the floor, 2 inches away from the hamper, inside of the hamper? and can you just look up at me while i was telling you that useless information about Ellie's most recent BM and give me a reaction instead of looking at me with that glassed-over look, and then repeating the last three words of my previous sentence to pretend like you were listening?


but then this weekend we went on a date. he had a scout training (ha!) on Saturday morning and i got a text when he should have been listening to proclamations of boy scout pride saying "we're dropping the girls off at G&G's at 5. we're going out."

can i just say i love that? i love when he plans something without me heckling him to do so. i love that i didn't have to scramble and find a babysitter because he already did it (love that G&G love the girls and that the girls love them). i love that i got to put on lipstick and get a purse ready (instead of a diaper-bag full of sticky stuff).

so we dropped the chillens off, went out, and just remembered how much we love each other. and that sometimes being a parent stresses us out. and sometimes the messes make me nuts. but that we chose each other- and we did that because we make each other laugh, we like to check each other out, and we love to be together. we need to remember that love stuff more often, because it does a heart good.

in short: make your man plan a date, put on your sexy boots + some lipstick, ditch the kids, and go out...and you'll forget that your hubby drives you nuts sometimes.

lucky me to have this man to call mine.



Elyse.Beard said...

"we like to check each other out". Ha ha ha I love it. You guys are cute

Jenny said...

i love how you word things. i think you need to convince G&G to make it a weekly Saturday night thing so we can double!

Mike said...

I'm torn about this post. I felt some serious hate at the beginning, but then lots of love at the end. Hmmmmm. The date was definitely a blast though. :)

Allie said...

I was laughing at the beginning because it kind of sounds familiar. Glad you guys got a date in and decided you still liked each other. Always a good idea!

Liz said...

Just this morning I found an empty gatorade bottle wondering how it didn't get put in the garbage can. Love it Marci!

KO said...

I think we all feel this way. Continually dating each other is VITAL to a healthy marriage! Glad you had a hot night out.

Lea Tame said...

i loved this whole post... so true!