Wednesday, January 18, 2012

did you hear...

that Emily Maynard is going to be the next bachelorette? and that Bentley wants to be on that season? and that i still watch this crap??

did you hear that Ellie sings Book of Mormon Stories, and in her rendition, the Lamanite's Fathers are given their own lair?

did you hear that i am considering growing out my bangs? and that i am really torn about it because i love them but am sick of the upkeep? but did you also hear that i am going to Mexico in May and that if i have bangs while there i will look like a distressed poodle? did you hear that pathetic things like hair keep me up at night and that i desperately need your approval on hair decisions?

did you hear that American Idol started again tonight? and that i got goose-bumpy-chills all over my legs and arms when it started?

did you hear that Ellie has asked me at least 10 times today to clean the toilet so that she can have a quarter to put in her Disneyland jar?

did you hear that Alice is 15 months old now? and that she is so so so spunky and squishy and cute and a complete and utter disaster, but in a good way? and that we only have 12 Sundays left until nursery (but who's counting, right?)?

did you hear that a big pink lollipop can make a 3-yr-old's dreams come true? and make her happier than just about anything you've ever done for her?

did you hear that Hollywood is yet again remaking Les Miserables (one of my all time favorite musicals / books)- and some members of the cast include Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Ann Hathaway and (hold your breath) rumors of Taylor Swift?

did you hear that it is finally going to rain tomorrow after this crazy streak of gorgeous sunshine? and that i am actually kind of looking forward to cozying up with some cider, a book, and some rain?

did you hear that January is more than half over? and that i just heard hallelujah choruses as i typed that?

and did you hear that you all made me feel so loved and happy with your comments and notes on my last post? did you hear that i love sharing this journey of motherhood with each of you? and that i love motherhood, with all of it's ups, downs and sidways-nesses? well i do. very very much.



Waltman said...

cute post...and your picture of your feet reminded me of something I forgot to tell you. While we were in Utah Millie randomly said, "mom did you know Marci wears a ring on her toe?" I hadn't noticed and so she said, "yeah it's a gold one." Apparently she really admires your style!

Elyse.Beard said...

I LOOOOVE Les miserable. I could watch the one with Liam neeson in it every day. Seriously, it's coming to SF this summer on broadway and I'm saving up to go.

Jenny said...

there is no way Emily would go for Bentley! At least let's hope...

T. Swift as Cosette, I saw that yesterday while I was flipping through US Weekly at the grocery store! I would love to see that.

all of these ombre hair pictures that have been swarming around Pinterest almost make me want brown hair. I love that honey color at the ends. You look great either way so it's a win-win!

Megan said...

so clever, these posts of yours! did you know that one day I want to be a cool as you? ;) I really love your bangs. I love bangs, period. but I understand the upkeep troubles. and les mis is incredible! can't wait!

Linda said...

Heyyyyy. Sounds like the January busy blues are lifting and all kinds of good news are brewing in your life! About YOU~ Love you with bangs~ they are playful and sassy~ and definitely frame you eyes. Long hair is elegant~ classy~ and timeless~ I say change it up! it's always fun and refreshing.
Mexico will be a blast. Ahh! Family and the beach! Great combo.
About Ellie!~ If she were here I would have her sing in front of all the Primary kids in our ward!!! Adorable! I have to tell you I am really proud of her and YOU for doing chores together. And the Disneyland jar is brilliant. Maybe I should make one for Mimi~
About Alice~ Nooooo!!!!! The little sweetie is on the cowntdown for nursery? Really? Well... spoken like someone who does not have to deal with a busy body at church! I just have to keep Dad's eyes open! Oh she will love Nursery!
About AI~ I loved that they started by showing promising voices~ way funner than jumping into the painful ones~ I think it looks like there are already some awesome possibilities! Mimi and I are the judges in this house! We seldom disagree.;) Loved the post! Sorry mine was so long! I will call you later. HUgs to the girlies and you and Mike. Besitos.

Allie said...

Oh man I would love to see T.Swift as Cosette! I also would love to see Emily as the bachelorette, and sadly I would even love to see Bentley on there because well, what is that show without a little drama? She better not pick him though! Oh and American Idol makes me tear up. I'm pathetic. This concludes my novel about tv/pop-culture.

P.S. Nursery can not come fast enough for these terrors and I mean that in the most loving way possible. :)

Mat and Brooke said...

...and who told you distressed poodles weren't a pleasure to look at??

My dear friend, you're beautiful--no. matter. what.

I'm always a big fan of change, so I say grow the bangs out, and then cut them after that long-awaited Mexico trip is over. Then you won't have to worry about fussing over them!

Kristi said...

Why are they bringing Emily back on the show? As much as I totally loved her, she got her chance on the show! What happened to she & Brad anyway??? And WHY is Bentley wanting to come back1?!Oh, thinking of him really makes me infuriated!

That cast of Les Mes characters sure sounds interesting!

And your girls are darling.

Lisa Johnson said...

Have you ever watched Downton Abbey? I can't get over how much you look like Cora (the Mom) on that show. It's uncanny. You're both so beautiful. :)

Rik said...

I watch that crap, too... I love it. I don't know why, but I love it.

Just caught up with your blog posts and still love it! You have the cutest family!