Sunday, September 4, 2011

weekend moments.

some favorite moments from this weekend:

playing in the kiddie pool...before it was even dry clothes (NOT swimwear) out of sheer excitement and anxiousness to just get in and get wet:

squirting the mama over and over again with a squirt gun, even after multiple requests (ahem, demands) to stop:

learning how to become an impressionistic artist from a verrrry young age:

the sheer joy that can only come from enjoying ice cream and treats galore:

the cougars pulling out the big W- but more importantly, lil Munch learning how to do the hand-motion for TOUCHDOWN!, just in time for football season, thus making her dadda ever-so-proud:

and the exciting news that Buzz has finally earned his rightful throne in the Dollhouse.

successful weekend, yes?
and we've still got tomorrow!
three-day weekends are da besssssst.

hope you're having fun and hugging the ones you love extra tight!


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