Monday, May 23, 2011

holga: Southern Cal.

today i miss the ocean breeze. 
today i miss my dad's laugh.
today i miss my healthy, happy baby.
today i miss Mimi's fetish with painting nails.
today i miss my grandma + grandpa's house.
today i miss my mom's hugs.
today i miss seeing the groves of trees...knowing that just beyond them is home.
today i miss my family.

just some things i'm missing today.
Mondays are drab.
get me a diet coke.
and a cookie.

*side note: is anyone watching the season premier of the bachelorette tonight?? i'm not convinced Ashley is worth watching. thoughts?



{amy k.} said...

love the photos marce, adorable.

i was talkin with a friend at work about the bachelorette. i'm not thrilled with ashley, but my friend's brother in law is going to be on the show so i'm sorta intrigued to watch. we'll see what happens! :)

Jenny said...

yes, bachelorette thoughts!! i'm not a fan of ashley much either, but hopefully they'll get some good guys that will make it worth watching.

i hope alice is feeling better. i'd bring you a cookie but i seem to have cleaned my house out of treats somehow. there is not a chocolate chip to be found. definitely a lame monday, minus bumping into you at target of course!

Elyse.Beard said...

I've never watched a bachelorette. And Ashley is annoying, so I think I'll waste my tv time and brain cells on something else.

I'm sorry you're missing your family. Those days ssssuck. I hope Alice gets better soon.

The Ostlers said...

If you are anything like me, you will swear not to watch but eventually get sucked in!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Well, I miss YOU!!! :-) I definitely am watching the bachelorette. I'm addicted.. no matter how annoying people on it are. :-)

Love you. Love the blog header.