Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wordle. American Idol. and stuff.

just discovered wordle today, and wasted away much of my afternoon fiddling around on it.
ever heard of it?
it's pretty cool.
basically you can create your own subway art with your own collection of words.
and then you can randomize/customize fonts and color palettes to go with your decor.
in short: the possibilities are endless.
i wasn't feeling very creative today...but can definitely see it's potential for creating cute stuff in the future.  here's one (using words from a Tangled song) that may be printed for Ellie's birthday bedroom makeover:

Wordle: Rapunzel Words

(side note:have i told you we're re-doing Ellie's room for her birthday? i'm overwhelmed. i want it to be a whimsy-enchanted-like room. Ellie loves pink and princesses- but i don't want it to be something she'll outgrow in ten seconds. any tips/places to look for inspiration? i've spent way to much time on pinterest...which is both a blessing and a curse...basically my biggest cause for frustration is colors. because walls + furniture + frames, etc can't ALL be pink. so what accent colors do i use without clashing?? ugh. i wish i was as good at decorating as all of you).

i also stumbled across this one, which uses the words to the 13th article of faith. i'm totally going to use it for a YW handout- wouldn't it be perfect in a black frame from the dollar store?

Wordle: 2011 Mutual theme blk/wht

so that's wordle.
pretty cool, huh?

and since i just seem to end my posts with PS's about tv shows, here we go:

PS. i'm so excited for the finale of American Idol tonight.
yeah, did you remember they switched nights this week?
i did.
i'm seriously twitching out of excitement.
i admit, i adore Scotty McCreery.
i just wanna hug him.
and i love that deep country soul in his voice.
and i admit, i almost didn't want him to get this far because i didn't want hollywood to corrupt the innocent cuteness right outta him.
but now that he's here, i think he should win.
and it would make my year if he sang with Tim McGraw or Garth at the Finale tomorrow night.
because heaven knows i love me some sexy Tim McGraw.
and even though Scotty is only 16- give him 10 years- i think he's got Tim Potential written all over him.

(did that just sound gross coming from a twenty-something year old mom?)

and now i will go make some dinner and treats and stuff.
because that's what i should have been doing an hour ago.


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Megs said...

yes, wordle is addicting! You will constantly think of quotes, songs, etc...that you can use it with. And here's what I do with it: create your saying, leave it all black. Make sure you have written certain parts of the song/quote multiple times so they show up bigger than the rest. Then right click and save on the image - and then open it up in photoshop & change the colors however you want. It usually means you have to do each letter individually, but it really doesn't take long. That way you could match something to Ellie's room EXACTLY. Anyways, sorry if you already knew all of this.