Friday, April 29, 2011

today at the zoo.

today we made an impromptu visit to the zoo.

(heaven knows i needed some sort of outing to get me out of the house and off of pinterest. i'm turning into a pinterest zombie and/or addict. M is more than slightly concerned. i am too. are you on pinterest? if so, you can relate. and, you should find me: marcia11. if not, no worries. ignore this message).

back to the zoo.
it was over-crowded and smelly, as zoos often seem to be.

so smelly and crowded that i almost regretted going...
i mean who likes to walk around like cattle + smell the cattle poop?
not me. not me.
but we moo'd and trudged along.
and saw the hilarious animals with the bjillions of people.
and then went on our merry way.
and i wondered if that smelly, chaotic experience was worth it.

then a little while ago we were reading one of our favorite books together 'Quick as a Cricket.'

Ellie kept saying things like:
"i saw a frog at the zoo today!"
and, "i saw monkey swinging in the tree at the zoo too!"
and finally, "i'm as brave as a tiger, too! just like the tiger i saw at the zoo. the tiger at the zoo was my favorite."

i finally asked her, "Ellie, did you have fun at the zoo today?"

her response: "Ya. So much fun. I just need to go back again another day."

so i guess she didnt notice the crowds or the stinkiness. which means Alice surely didn't either. which means they just had a lovely time seeing the frogs, monkeys, tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebras, and the bear in the hammock.

i just love these easy-to-please little girls oh-so-so-so much.


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melita said...

Wonderful perspective, Marci. As always, I enjoy your beautiful writing.