Thursday, April 28, 2011

the royal wedding.

we had the honor and privilege of not only attending the royal wedding yesterday, but of hosting the wedding ceremony.

it was quite the occasion!
complete with all the most refined and esteemed guests.

congratulations to the happy couple. we're so thrilled for you and wish you the happiest happily ever after.

it goes without saying- but i will anyway:
there's never a dull moment playing with this sweet, imaginative, almost-3-year-old.



Megs said...

that's adorable! :)

C and MC said...

:) I love it.

The Peterson's said...


ClaysJenna said...

I. LOVE. HER. Too cute!!

Mat and Brooke said...

Her eyes look SO big and beautiful in that picture!! What a doll!

Allie said...

Hilarious! I should have known you'd get invited.

Heather said...

Love seeing your cute family through your blog! Miss you tons and Manila!