Monday, March 14, 2011

reality check.

don't let that adorable-lil-chunkaroo-happy-face fool you...

Monday morning sucker punched me today at 6:30 am with two runny-nosed girls, a bomb-raided house, 5 extra large loads of laundry, + a scratch in my throat. i pulled the covers over my head and pretended not to notice any of it, which worked for a good 8 minutes or so.

baths- check, check.
breakfast- half check (i can't get my permanently clogged child to eat, and often am too scatter brained myself to remember to eat...that is, until 3 o clock and all i want by that point is peanut m&ms and/or a big chunk of bread + butter).
got everyone dressed- check, check, half-check (i walked around in my pjs for a good portion of the day because the chillens were leached on my arms, legs, etc).
keeping everyone entertained- minus-negative-un-check...aside from the brainless entertainment we received from watching Word World and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Cinderella. (insert immense guilt for watching waaayy too much tv today).
shower- check, in between screams. but i still consider this a huge success today.

the day got progressively worse and worse as one kid screamed all day long because she was clogged up and the other exploded everywhere three times, in between screams and a disgusting amount of saliva due to mama-diagnosed teething (5 months isn't too young to be teething, right?).

lessons learned from this terrible, tearful day:
1. do not boast about having a perfect day. you can think it, but publicizing it in public forums such as blogs or Facebook is just asking for karma to give you your share of badness.
2. sometimes having a friend or sister or mom to talk to can provide just the right amount of sanity to keep you going. even if 90% of your conversation is comprised about poop. (being a mom rocks).
3. making comfort food, such as fried chicken and sweet potato fries can provide some extra tlc at the end of your rocky night.
4. if your comfort food doesn't turn out, ( which it most likely won't because you're having a rotten day, remember?) there's no shame in taking a cookie sheet, sprayin it real good with Pam and poppin some good ole frozen chicken nuggets to do the job. heck, they're probably better for you than that fried chicken, anyway.
5. a little (or a lot of) tv can sometimes be a complete life saver.

and on that note, i will now go scrape around my house to scrounge up some sort of chocolate and plant myself right in front of my tv to watch the season finale of the bachelor.
classy, i know.

go Emily.



{amy k.} said...

sometimes these are the days that help us remember we're human. and we can look back later (after the tears and poop are all wiped up) and laugh at the chaos.

i'm cheering for emily too!

Allie said...

Boo for the bad day! I'm sure the dreary rain didn't help either. Hoping the week only gets better for you!

Oh and will you please give me Alice? I want to eat her little face. Why do babies make people think about cannibalism?

Megs said...

I loved your perfect day post - it was a perfect post - and I love how you're keeping it real with this post. I'm sorry it was a bad day. Sending hugs.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

i love you.
thank you for being you.
p.s. olivia started teething at like 3 or 4 months and already has 8 teeth at 8 months...
she bites my nipples and it hurts.
oh so bad.

Ashley said...

I love you more than my luggage.

Even if you are covered in poop.

P.S. I kind of don't think Emily's that into