Saturday, March 12, 2011

simply perfect.

a walk with M and the girls.
donuts at kings in our jammies.

bubbles and peanut butter sandwiches and eating toes.
such little things to make such a lovely day.

tonight i looked out my kitchen window and saw Ellie and M playing t-ball.

it made me feel like the mama on the Sandlot and so i quickly went and put on my cutest yellow-vintagey apron and fixed us up some quesadillas. (quesadillas because i didn't really want to cook since it's the weekend and i feel i should get a break on the weekend ...but if not cooking is not an option, quesadillas are the next best thing... since i'm certain i could whip up a batch of quesadillas with my eyes closed).

Alice squealed happy squeals in the background.
some music was there too but i can't quite remember the tune.
but i do know it was perfect.
the whole thing.
and it all gave my heart those warm fuzzy gooey feelings that you feel silly talking about but you wish would last forever and ever.

and then at the spur of the moment, we loaded ourselves up in the car to get some jambas- a family favorite.
and while sipping on our smoothies we said "cheers!" at least a hundred times...

while Alice just smiled at all the crazy commotion.

and just when i was sure it couldn't get any better, we changed into our jammies, gave hugs and kisses, and Ellie voluntarily said family prayer all by herself.
i've never heard anything so beautiful, sincere and perfect as a little girl talking so genuinely to God.
she knows Him.
so do i.
and for this simple, yet perfect day, i thank Him most profusely.



Liz said...

Sounds pretty perfect to me. Miss you my friend.

Amber said...

That's beautiful, Marce.

Jodie said...

Sounds fun! We have to do "cheers" at our house about a hundred times! LOVE it!

{amy k.} said...

sounds like a day straight from a fairytale. i love it all!

Linda said...

And this is as good as it gets! So glad you get that.