Tuesday, February 22, 2011

typical tuesday

four ingredients and we have a typical day in our house:

#1: bath time in the morning:

#2: eating necessary nutrients

{this is a pumped bottle- but i thought it would be more socially acceptable to show that than the real thing. right?}

#3. playing:

(in Ellie's case- dressing up all day long):

and finally, #4: spending quality time together.*

*i know you're thinking one of two things:
1) what kind of mother am i to let Alice (who looks exceedingly chunkilicious) be pushed around by Ellie in that stroller,
or 2) i forgot to mention sleep.

allow me to address your oh-too-predictable thoughts:

1) it was funny. and sometimes the fact that something is funny far outweighs the need to act responsibly. (which creates a new thought in your mind: who entrusted her with children?? to which i retort: i promise i made sure i was in front of them the whole time (in between laughs)). (and yes, she does look deliciously plump...just how i like it).
2) i didn't forget to mention sleep. my children are simply refusing day-time sleep. and i am consequently going mad. because refusing sleep does not mean that we aren't tired and don't need rest. proof:


{grumpy face}

{scary-scared face...scared that i'm going to lose my mind. oh wait, it's gone.}

it's a good thing these dang crazies are dang cute.



Kristy said...

1. Super jealous that A will take a bottle! I've got about 2-days' worth in the freezer and she'll have none of it. Sigh.

2. We love bathtime, too. Sometimes I put OP in the bath when I can't think of anything else to entertain him with.

3. I didn't give the stroller picture a second thought.

4. My deepest sympathies about the non-sleeping children. My tiny one is a crappy sleeper and I feel like I'm losing my mind. And I force OP to stay in his bed for 2 hours in the afternoon at least for quiet time just to save my sanity. I hope they start sleeping for you soon!

5. You're the cutest.

6. That is all. :)

Melissa said...

So great!!! (except the not sleeping. that's torture). I have a pic of my oldest, Lindsey pushing her baby brother around (also chunky baby) in a baby stroller too! :) so fun