Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love week: lots-o' loves. (not to be confused with lots-o-the-bear).

today i love lots-o' things:

i love trader joes.

i really stink at going in the grocery store and trying out new things.
i think because the grocery store just carries wayyyy too many things.
and wayyy too many varieties/brands of things.
that's why i love trader joe's.
i love how their own brand is super delicious, which means if i want to try something new, i need not fear because i know their brand will be super tasty. and if i don't like whatever pesto-humus-weirdo combo i happened to try, i'll know it's because i just didn't like that pesto weirdness and not because it was bad quality.
i love how fresh and beautiful their produce is.
i love how many healthy options they have.
i love how competitive (for California) their prices are.
and i love way too many snacks and treats from there. my most recent faves:
vanilla cream yogurt....

with a heaping handful (yes, i just said heaping handful- because i'm barbaric and don't know how to use flatware) of pecan praline granola.... mmmm.

it will knock your socks right off.
and i also really like these little apple strawberry fruit flakes.


don't they just look cute?
i know, what a reason to buy food.
but really, they're good. they're like fruit snacks but somehow you feel less guilty eating them. because they're made with 97% fruit. that's a good thing, right?

while i'm on the food topic, i love this oatmeal bread.

my friend Jen posted the recipe a few weeks ago, and i baked it for the first time last week.
i have baked it twice since then.
if you're dieting, this bread is not for you.
if you're not, why are you still sitting here reading my blog? go make it now. thank me later.

for those of you who are dieting and are still reading this, i'm sure you love clementines as much as i do.
i love this big bag of clementines plopped on my counter top so much.

i love peeling them in one piece.
i love their sweetness.
and i love feeling like a good mom when Ellie asks me for seconds or thirds of them.

and finally (just for today, c'mon, it's only Tuesday....i've got plenty more love to share), 
i love joy school.
it seriously is the best thing that has happened to Ellie, aside from Nursery.
she has learned so many things- most importantly how to interact with other kids.
and i have gotten to know other awesome moms doing it.
and we've all become good friends because of it.
i appreciate all the time and energy they put into it (and the break i get because of it every week).
and i actually enjoy hosting it, too.
it let's me channel that inner-teacher in me that i'd been missing the past year.
and gives me something to prepare for and think about.
and i love getting to know these cute little kiddos.
today we had a Valentine's Day party here.
we learned about the letter "H"- for Hearts (get it, hearts- valentine's day..eh eh?)
so we covered these little mailboxes with hearts (an idea i snatched from my super-duper-crafty-and-cute friend Kristy)-


oh man, they LOVED doing this. they were very serious about this sticker-heart-attacking business.

and then halfway through the day i slipped a hearts-goodie bag in their mailboxes-

which had tons of different heart candies in it. they were pretty amazed that they had magically gotten candy-mail. i do love some good magic.

later we had some heart-shaped cupcakes with heart sprinkles.

which made a gigantic mess.
but was totally worth it.
just look at the joy!

i love throwing a good party for those cute little squirts.
i just love joy school.

and that's all for now.
more loves tomorrow!

*side note: i have to say that i looovvved all of your comments about the Bachelor yesterday. you guys are so funny! and i'm glad i'm not the only one who wastes two hours of my precious life on such ridiculously addicting drama. but really, can Michelle please go home already? i'm so not looking forward to watching her mack on Brad on the beach next week. uuugggghhhh.


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