Thursday, February 24, 2011


i know, i know.
it's a miracle.
two posts in one day.
lately i feel like i deserve some sort of prize (prize = a huge piece of cheesecake or a bag of peanut m&m's or something equally sweet and evil, while sitting and doing absolutely nothing) for making it through the day without losing it (what is "it" exactly?).
please tell me you feel you deserve a prize too?
and while i want to sit and do absolutely nothing right now (other than be totally enthralled by American Idol's top 24 episode) i just can't stand seeing that picture of myself holding that white hair as the most recent one on my blog.

so i thought i'd share with you some of the things we've been fettishing over these days.

Ellie has a fetish with her red sparkly boots.
as in, as soon as she sees them, she runs to them, hugs them, and puts them on.
as in, she puts them on and wants to hold Jessie and watch Jessie so she can be sure she is just like her.
as in, she doesn't want to take them off. ever. even for naps.
and i think the whole thing is pretty freakin' adorable.

Alice is has a fetish with her hands and fingers.
as in, she lays down and her little hands come right to her mouth.
as in, i lay her down in her crib and she cries until she finds those lil fingers.
as in, she rolls over, props herself up on her elbows till her fingers wiggle their way into her mouth...every. single. time.
oh man, i love this little baby. love love love love love love love.

i'm having a fetish with words with friends.
as in, i can't stop thinking of weird words when i'm awake and even when i'm asleep (yes, it's polluting my dreams).
as in, i have 6 games going right now. 3 with strangers.
as in, i play it all day long.
do you have words with friends?
if so, find me: mamamarce.
if not, stop judging me. if you had it, you'd play it all day long too.

i have many more fetishes.
but i've just hit my "i don't want to type another word or look at my computer another minute" limit.
so that's all for tonight.

p.s. thanks for putting up with my randomness.
as if you had a choice.



Courtney said...

I have several fetishes right now, words with friends, baking (I'm trying out a million new recipes), cooking ( I just want to learn new things), knitting (old lady, I know, but relaxing), I think I'm in a improve myself and my skills mode. I feel like words with friends applies to that because it works our brains in a way that being a mom and housewife does not, which is a good thing. It will keep you from getting Alzheimer.

Ashley and Aaron said...

There are so many worse things you could be addicted least you're expanding your vocabulary! My sister is also pretty crazy about words with friends...maybe one of your games with strangers is with her! And, as if you needed confirmation, Alice is adorable.

{amy k.} said...

am i lame for not knowing what words with friends is??? maybe i should google it. i have a fetish with google.

(and if i were ellie i'd have a fetish with those boots too! adorable!)

Rick said...

Ha! Didn't know. My sister got me going on it as we sat in the hospital with the folks. You're on!