Monday, January 10, 2011

the stars in my sky

i interrupt the regularly scheduled holiday posts and family updates with this disturbing news:
busy season hours start today for my Mr. M.
i won't lie, my eyes are a bit swollen this morning thinking of the long hours and weeks of travel that will undoubtedly bombard us in the coming weeks and months.
well, Miss Ellie knew something was bugging me this morning when i went in to get her from her bed. she looked at me and said, "You sad mama?"
and i said, "No, i'm not sad. My eyes just hurt." (yes, i lied. you'd do it too.)
and then she said, "Close your eyes and i will kiss them."
so i did.
and she did.
"Feels better?" she said.
yes, much. thank you sweetie.
i'm just grateful for these little stars in my sky that i will get continue to awe and wonder over...and who will be the ones who get me through.

chocolate, trips down south, friends, tv, books, running a bit to burn off that chocolate, and lots of prayers will most certainly help, too.



Megs said...

ugh. I'm so sorry! I h.a.t.e when the hubby has to travel. I don't have that issue anymore, but we sure did for 3 years. It was the pits. My lifesavers were of course family, my emerie, and great movies {pride & prejudice and you've got mail were the best)! Let me know if you ever need anything! I know I'm far away, but I'll do my best to help!

PS - how did you find a dance class for Ellie that taught 2 year olds?! All I can find are classes for 3 year olds. I know you're in Cali and I'm in Utah...but did you just call around or did someone recommend them?!

Liz said...

So sorry Marce! Ellie is the sweetest thing. She is definitely aware and making sure her mommy is happy! Let's get together for some play dates, of course it will give us time to chat too. Ellie was so cute in nursery yesterday just wanting to dance! I'm here to help if you want me to watch the kids for a bit.

Jenny said...

ugh, sorry! i would dread that too. those pictures of your girls are so great though, i love them! i would love to have ellie come play anytime you need a little break!

Elyse & Dale said...

Why am I not totally dreading this yet? Probably because I have no idea what's coming. Wonderful. Just wait till I bring you that book. You won't even want Mike around ;)

{amy k.} said...

oh marce, those pictures are way too cute! love those little faces! i'm glad you have them to help you through this yucky, not so fun time! you three will have so much fun together!

ClaysJenna said...

Your girls are adorable! Good luck through the busy season!

Mat and Brooke said...

You have such beautiful little girls...and they look so different from one another!

I will be thinking of you during the months ahead...and rejoicing for you mid-April or so when it finally all slows down! Hang in there!!

Becca said...

Ugh oh no! Wish I was there to come hang out all day with you :) You are so amazing. I tend to get short and slightly bitter towards bry when travis works late. weird huh? ha. I think that might make me a little crazy. I can't wait to meet Alice one of these days. She already looks so much bigger. sigh. Love ya friend. Let me know if you want to fly out and stay in my guest room for a month :) so serious. haha

Marshall Lynch said...

your baby was totally cute,i love her smile.
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Candace said...

i would like to sit down and cry with you! it's the absolute worst time of the year. i can't decide if it's worse to work the long hours or be the spouse of the person who works the long hours. ugh - neither is good.

on a more upbeat note... your kiddos are just adorable! and i continue to love reading your blog. i hope you survive the next few months. and summer is just around the bend, right?


Adrienne said...

adorable pictures.

Linda said...

I am here for you. Mi heroe.

Tiffany Johnson said...

I'm sorry!!! That just sucks. There's no other way to put it. On the bright side, your little stars are absolutely ADORABLE! I wish they could come have play dates with us. THose pictures are to die for! Love you!

Amber said...

At least this time around you know what you are getting in to. You'll do great, I know. And your beautiful daughters will be there to cuddle with. You are strong and this too shall pass.