Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a blanket, a moment, a camera and a burrito.

last night i had one of those rare moments where the girls did something cute, and i had my camera right in my hand.....instead of the usual making-a-mad-dash for the camera to catch it only to miss it....and then making a monkey-head out of myself just to get them to do it again....but inevitably the moment only turns out 1/2 as cute and with 1/2 a dozen tears.

wow i think that was a really-long-super-incoherent sentence because i just got out of breath and needed to take a drink of water. i tried to fix it. oh well. you get what i mean. capturing moments is a work of art for a mama.


so i laid out a blanket in the middle of the floor for Miss Alice.
a common baby-occurrence these days.
then Ellie plopped down right next to her and...they both looked right at me at the same time... and Ellie even smiled "click"

then without any persuasion from me, Ellie reached her arm over Alice... "click"

and gave her the sweetest sister snuggle while saying awe, cute baby Alice, my sister. "click"

and Alice really liked all that love and attention. it made her happy. "click"

and then Alice realized that Ellie was making a burrito out of her. at first she was excited. "click"

then she started to get a little concerned. wait a minute...am i going to be a real burrito? "click"

yes, says Ellie. and i'm gonna eat you. (oh, and insert Alice's bow complements of Mama...gotta keep her lookin' like a girl) "click"

look Mama! Alice is a burrito! a yummy burrito. i'm going to eat her now.  "click"

Maaaammmmaaa! please don't let Ellie eat me! "click"

and then Alice was crying.
and Ellie was baffled...why is Alice sad? she's a cute burrito.
and then the moment was gone.
and if my handy-dandy camera hadn't been right there...i'd have missed that cute little burrito-blanket moment.
love that camera.



The Peterson's said...

Sisters! Love it! It is fun to see them playing and having fun together.

Kris said...

Cute little sequence. You're totally right about how rare those are! If I don't totally miss it running for my camera, then I usually miss it just because i"m busy, or oblivious, or I don't let Logan touch Lincoln any more these days, ha ha. Sweet girls.

Ashley and Aaron said...

That is so great that you captured this moment! Usually I try to get these on video and Finn stops what he's doing and says, "can I watch the video?"...and I kiss the candidness goodbye.